Friday, January 22, 2010

Catching up

Hey ya'll!

What a week! Seems as though God's just moving in so many lives and I am loving watching it all!

S had an amazing weekend with the Chrysalis kids. She came home a changed little chickie! I have to share with you an amazing thing God did in her heart. There is a moment on the weekend where you are given the opportunity to "examine your conscience" most of what she told us is confidential...amazing... and confidential. But part of it was profound. D and I were discussing our next adoption at the dinner table... It was Tuesday night...I remember because I needed to finish up dinner to get to church for a meeting about starting an adoption ministry.

We were talking about the fact that our friend had told D that he needed to let me adopt again and why was he waiting? We got into some friendly banter...truly friendly because God did let me leave it in His hands. D said our friend was not the "burning bush" he was looking for.... so S says "While you are on this subject, there is something I need to tell you".

"uh oh". we think....

She proceeds to tell us that she's sorry for being selfish, and God laid on her heart to tell us that if we want to adopt again that she is ok with it. She was in tears... we were in tears. She just gave it up.

I wanted to shout from at the top of my lungs "How's THAT for a burning bush?!" But God held my tongue. I am allowing Him to do the stirring... I know He has a plan and I am still waiting on Him. In Peace.

I went to my adoption ministry meeting, praising God. For moving one little 5'4" mountain.

Wednesday I went to my first Committee on Mission's meeting as Vice Chair. I did nothing but listen and gather info. Cool thing though... we are going to join the United Methodist district and make Disaster Buckets for the Haiti victims. I am helping the coordinator put it together. It's not much but it feels like we are doing something.

Thursday night was our Mission Team meeting. We only have 2 more meetings left! Can you believe it?! I can't! We are having a Chili Cook Off at the church this weekend. Our last big fundraiser at the church. We have had a lot of people sign up… lots that I don’t even know. It’s pretty exciting. I can’t wait to see what God does with this one!

On the mission team subject, I would like to ask that if you feel God leading you to make a donation I would love to hear from you. We are close to our goal and I would love to be able to share that we have reached it. You can email me at andreag_98 @ yahoo . com. It would be tax deductible.

Please pray for our team. We are all getting excited. We got a tentative itinerary and are able to see where we might be actually working. There is an orphanage in Adama that will be mostly built when we get there, so we are going to be able to get some real hands on. There will be children to play with, health education to give, widows to love on. CAN’T wait!!!

God is moving in so many places…

This weekend S is on a ski trip with the youth group. D and I will be doing some work on the new bathroom. And I will be taking some pics of some very precious boys…my blog has been rather plain lately.

Prayers for you all to have a better than good weekend!!


Andrea Hill said...

That's awesome. God is so great when you wait for HIM and look now what is happening. You are getting so much closer. I can't believe someone said that to your husband, that's even better. I bet I know who:) I will continue to pray for your mission team and the upcoming trip. Have a wonderful weekend.

Our journey following Christ said...


There will come a point where your husband cannot deny any longer that there is another child who belongs in your family. It is so much better for God to show him than if you talked him into it.

Before our last adoption, I clearly heard God telling me that there was something more we were to do on behalf of the orphan. There were days that the burden was so heavy, I couldn't stand it and I would say to God, "Last time you told me. Please this time tell B." And you know what???? HE DID. This only made my husbands passion for this adopting this child even more strong because it was GOD who showed him, not me.

Keep waiting, my friend:)


Anonymous said...

I find you so amazing I truelly wonder how you do it. I can't seem to keep the kitchen picked up or get my boys through there schooling most days and you get the everyday stuff done and then somehow have the energy and time to blog, plan a mission trip and more. I know you said you weren't the most organized person but somehow you keep all those things moving forward. Anyway, humbly I continue to pray for you and your mission team. I also am inspired by your regular reflections on your blog.
And thank you Laura for your wisdom. I can relate so to your description of the burden you had and find your words comferting. I feel there is another orphan God has for us and my husband says we have enough. I feel it somedays so strong that I have to bite my tongue. I keep praying God will put it in his heart. I know that if its His will he can. And if becomes my husbands desire it will definately be God and not me.
Have a great day :)