Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Week Recap Part 4

Random fun inside. ;o)

These are just pics of some of the fun we had together. Truly the 19 of us had so much fun together. D and I have said since we got home that there was less noise and arguing with 14 kids than there is with 2! Goodness! ;o)

Erin once said that she hit the jack pot with the kids she has. After spending a week with them I would have to say the same.

The kids are all well behaved, and so well mannered. None of them but I would take any of them home with me in a heart beat. I had some favorites ;o) But I won't say who, because I love them all.

We are all looking forward to when we can get together again. E-Man cried most of the way home because he was so sad to leave. He and Solomon were true little Ethiopians. They played together, held hands, laid next to each other at quiet time with arms around each other. It was such a gift to watch them together.

The first pics below are from our night out bowling. We all had a blast and figured out we are not very good at it. ;o) The kids all had fun though and we took up 4 of the 8 lanes. ;o)

Des and Ben.... beautiful smiles.
Ok is this too much or what?! Just want to eat them up!!
Handsome Marcus.
Best Friends!
Daddy helping E bowl. ;o)

Yes, I am actually posting this Des decided to braid my hair. It was fun. Each of the little kids walked up to me and said "WHAT happened to your head?!" E-Man didn't like it at all and told me so. ;o)

Quiet time.
Boys having fun.

Best Friends!
The girls were braiding D's goatee. ;o)

S and I playing the Wii. ;o)
Sibling love..

Wii time! ;o)


Abbey said...

Awwww....I love the picture of you and Erin! SO BEAUTIFUL!

Andrea Hill said...

Ha, isn't that so funny how we have our favorites. I have them too with Lisa and Signe but I love them all. Love your hairdo:) So cute and you are so brave for putting it up on your blog. I just love God how he puts families together, often it starts out with the children but when parents end up liking each other, that's the icing on the cake. So glad the 2 boys can keep up their best friends relationship.