Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year....random stuff

Wow... so who thought they would live to see 2010? Not that I have ever been a fatalist or anything, but gosh when Prince was singing about partying in 1999 that seemed like an age away didn't it?

I went back to my blog posts from this time last year to see if I had made any specific goals...or silly claims. The funny thing is that I was making a stand to get more healthy, and I think I did that for a while, but man these last couple of months I have just ballooned right up.

Sad state of affairs really.

The thing that is the same this year as last is my cough. Last year this time I was trying to exercise and cough at the same time. Seems that's my goal this year too. Sure wasn't one I wanted to repeat.

S and I are trying to work out together again. We measured our body parts tonight (bleck and double bleck!) and started a better diet regime.

I hope to lose 20lbs by the time we leave for ET in April. I think that's a totally do-able goal in 3 months. So that's my focus.

D and I signed up for the Shamrock 1/2 Marathon in March so I will have to train hard for that in the coming months as well.

A fun new thing happening this year is I am getting a new master bathroom!! YAY! Our old one was tiny, tiny. D decided to take over the wall closet that our bathroom backed up to and make it into a bathroom suite. It's not all that huge I guess, but it's gonna be pretty! The joys of having a handy husband and leftovers from commercial jobs. We have a ton of gorgeous tile in the garage just waiting to be put into a bathroom. ;o) I have some before pics (Tarah) and will be posting them soon.

The boys are still talking about Wyoming. They are convinced we are going back this summer and ask about it almost every hour. It was the first thing E asked D about when he picked him up from school today. N says next time we are staying for 20 days and 21 I don't know where they think the money is going to come from to be gone that long, but we will sure try to get back soon. The ties that bind those kids (and adults) are strong.

Only 3 more months until we leave for Ethiopia! Can you believe it?! The team is excited... I am excited. I think the church is getting excited... if the amount of people that showed up for the Moe's fundraiser is any indication then we are well supported. God is going to do great things!

My prayer this year for us all is that we keep our eyes and our hearts open to what God wants for us. May we be willing to stand for Him or bow to Him when needed. May we be willing to think out side of the box, out side of our comfort zone... live a live worthy of the words 'Well Done Good and Faithful Servant"


Adeye said...

Okay, so what in the world does bleck mean???? I'm guessing...wonderful, amazing, toned, tight, muscular...right???

You are too funny.

Your life is never dull or boring, that's for sure, friend :)

Serving Him with all my heart right there with you.

Amy Jo said...

Ballooned back up, yah, I hear ya! And your comment about Prince totally cracked me up!!!

SO excited for your trip to ET. Praying that God uses these next three months to prepare you mind, heart, body and soul for an adventure of a lifetime.

And...a new master bedroom? AWESOME!!! You'll have to post pics for sure.

Sweet blessings for an AMAZING 2010!

Andrea said...

Adeye, the term "bleck" is used when referring to the sound made like a cat coughing up a fur ball... or other unpleasant in fat on my hind

Andrea Hill said...

So excited for you to get your master bath all fixed up. Wow, the trip is coming up so soon. Watch it will be here in no time, and watch next thing you know is you are adopting again, hehe:) Glad your setting realistic goals on the working out part. That seems dueable.

Audrey said...

Love this last paragraph - yes yes yes. Hearts open, fearless and faithful. Let's go team!!!