Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Week Recap Part 1

Christmas Eve was a rather crazy day for us. I had to work until 12 and D took the boys out for some last minute shopping.

Next was lunch with my family to open Christmas gifts since we would be gone. Then a yummy lunch.

Then it was off to my mom in law's house to open more gifts. She was pretty sick so we weren't able to stay long.

We were hoping to get to church for Christmas Eve Service but the day was gone too fast. We still had packing to do and Santa gifts to open. So I took the boys with me to pick up pizza...while I was gone Santa showed up!! ;o) The boys came home to presents and fun.
We finished packing and went to bed early so we could get up at o'dark 30 to catch our plane.

Hats from Nanny to keep little heads warm.

Me and my momma.
We are slightly off kilter ;o)
My brother and his sweet baby girl. Is she beautiful or what?
Hubby ready for the snow... or maybe to rob a bank...not really sure?

My Da opening his gifts.
Just fun pics from my way too crafty momma.

At Mom in laws house opening gifts.
My niece. How cute is she?!

My neice and S got a locket for their grandma that had a picture of her late husband in it. It was the best gift of the day.
Santa had arrived!!!
Love little critter books.
Gee thanks Aunt D!!! ;o( lolol
Looks like the basket ball hoop was a hit!

S loves her some New Moon... this was a whole magazine dedicated to it. ;o)

YAY! It was a good day!


Laura said...

I have never commented on your blog, but now I am curious. (I read your blog through my sister, Lisa, at a bushel and a peck.) I noticed your daughter holding a JMU sweatshirt. My oldest attends JMU and loves it--even though we are in Washington State and I think it is way too far away! Is she going to JMU next year...if so she will have a great experience and meet some fabulous kids.

Andrea H. said...

Your and your mommy are so sweet together with your little fishmout you are making.

Andrea said...

S is planning to attend JMU, but will not go for another 2 years. We have a family friend there now, who loves it. And will be there for S's first year. How fun that we have that in common. ;o)