Friday, January 29, 2010


Well, it's sure been a week! Glad it's Friday!

We are under a Winter Storm Warning. Us. Here at the Beach. Snow! If you knew our area you would be as sceptical as we all are.... I love our weather guys, but they sure have a tough time forecasting especially snow. We shall see...I can tell you the boys are way excited!

So much happening this week.

I am feeling more like a human today. YAY!

E-man is still congested and has a runny nose, but that's pretty normal for him. Poor little guy. We took him yesterday to the public school assessment program to have him evaluated for speech therapy. We understand him most of the time, but he still has words that he skips, misspronounces, or can't say at all. We also see him struggling with 'finding' the right word when he's trying to tell us things. We feel like if he can get a bit of help now, that he can excel later. He's so very smart, and observant, that I feel sometimes this keeps him from being able to participate in things he might otherwise.

N has been having a tough couple of weeks at school. Just talking and playing ....always. We just don't see the color green in his behavior chart any more. I had a long conversation with his teacher and she loves him. She does say that he's just very talkative. He tries hard, and wants to do good, he wants to listen...he just has so so much going on in that brilliant little head of his.

S is still flying high after her Chrysalis weekend. She's got a great head on her shoulder's, and we can see the new difference God has made in her life. It's good stuff! Can't wait to see where it takes her!

Our mission team is really stepping up our program! We have been so blessed with funds as well as support from our church. The team has also stepped up and have been taking on more responsibility. It's been so great to watch! We are bonding and forming a true team. We have so much fun together and are so different, yet so alike. We are putting together care kits for the kids and nanny's. We are collecting paint items for the new orphanage that we will be working on when we get there. We are collecting formula for the babies. Things are really coming together! We realized that we only have 2 more team meetings before we leave! woohoo!!!! So cannot wait to see what God does.

Of course the closer I get the more I feel like I am totally going to miss my family. The fact that my D is not coming along is really messing with me. He's my rock, my person. The one that gets me like no other, and I am hating that he's not coming with me on this one. I would ask for your prayers for me on this one. I know that God will be with me, and I take huge comfort in that.... I just need to trust Him. I know it... just feeling a bit of weakness there.

This weekend is Winter Jam, with Third Day headlining! CAN'T WAIT! I pray the snow does not keep them away. We will be working with KLove again. It’s so much fun to talk to all the people we normally wouldn’t get to meet.

I leave you with a prayer request today. I have recently begun reading a blog written by a great lady. She’s recently been diagnosed with Sarcoma of the breast which is different than breast cancer. Take a second to hop over to her blog Glad Chatter and send her some love. Please :o)

I hope you all have a Better Thank Good weekend!

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