Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Week Recap Part 3

Fun in the Snow!!

Well the pics below are a little backwards. You can sure see how much fun we had though. Josh was able to get some snow mobiles for us to play with. Oh man!!! D is in LOVE with snow mobiles!! ;o) Erin even found him a hoodie that says "My other car is a Snow Mobile" ;o) We had to buy it.

There were 4 machines so we had to take turns. That was ok 'cause I got to play in the yard with some of the kids. Sledding and making snow angels.

Me, Manda and Belane...that's Belane peeking out from behind me. ;o) I had a blast! ;o)

Nathan in his snow fort. ;o) By the end of the winter this will be a formidable establishment!!
Beautiful Angels!
Can you imagine this being the view from your front yard?!
Handsome N in the snow.
Snow Mobile rules....

S and Mercy got to drive 2 of the mobiles. Josh lead and D took up the rear. The girls had about as much fun as the dads I think...maybe more!!

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SupermomE11 said...

I want to do it all again!!! :)

You got great pics. LOVE YOU and miss you so so much!