Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sick and tired

Goodness, have you ever had food poisoning? You don't want it! Could have been a stomach flu... either way, for about 7 hours I wished to just go into the light. I haven't been that sick in years.

I pray I am not for several more!

My poor family tried to help, but none of them do that kind of sick, well, so they would stand at a distance, make encouraging sounds and ask if they could help. Sweet. What a time for the hubby to be remodeling the master bath. I ended up sleeping on the floor in the hall downstairs...lol Took too much strength to go much further.

E man came home today from school, with a cough that was making him sick so we went to the Dr office, I think they wondered why this mom that looked like death warmed over was in their office.

Turned out he needed a breathing treatment. I crawled up on the bed with him while he did that, and the nurses left me alone. :o) E was a true champ, I wasn't sure what he would think or do, but he was enjoying it actually. The mirror on the wall was a great distraction because he could see himself 'smoking'. He was even making up little dance moves to the funny sounds it was making. So so cute!

He's running a fever now, and just wanted to go 'sleepy' tonight so I guess we will be home tomorrow again.

While he and I were home earlier in the day the show Adoption Story came on. This one had sisters who were both adopting children from Haiti. It brought about really great conversation. He really enjoyed watching it, and asked if we could go there and get a baby. ;o) Seems as though daddy has said one too many times that we had to wait until S was gone, cause that's what E said to me when I said I was ready to adopt again now. Shucks.

The funny thing is that I am still truly at peace with waiting for D to have a God sized 2x4 hit him because he obviously missed the burning bush...lol It's all good though, I just think he's not ready. The fact that God has truly given me peace about it, means that He's planted my seed He just has to work on D. I know He is. ;o) And He waits with me. (Thank you Tiff)

Thank you for all of your prayers. I know God is listening. He's also got some pretty pressing needs elsewhere, so I can wait. :o)

Have a Better Than Good day!


Jill said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Andrea!

Adeye said...

Oh I am soooooo sorry you have been so sick. That just sounds completely miserable, my friend. Just awful.

So happy to hear your heart is at peace as you wait. Waiting just totally stinks!!!!

Sending you a HUGE hug tonight. Get better soon, okay?

Andrea H. said...

You poor thing. Its always hard when mommy is sick. Its seems like the rest of the family is so helpless. Hope your feeling revived and better soon.