Friday, October 23, 2009

Faithful Friday

Look! I am posting 2 days in a row. ;o)

Feeling crummy today. Not really sure what it's about, not truly sick...just blah. I think perhaps all the busy-ness has caught up with me.

Still praying about the position at the church. Thank you all for your prayers and emails. It's been one of those weeks that I feel like too much is happening and I don't want to make any rash decisions. :o)

It seems like a good fit. I have been looking for a place to serve in the church. I love missions. I feel like this could indeed be a good stepping point in the forming of the non-profit that I am thinking of forming. My hubby thinks it's a good fit. He may actually join the committee with me. It would help us both actually to be in the same committee, only one night out. ;o)

So the prayers continue. ;o)

I was able to get out running 3 times this week. It felt good! I do think I need different shoes though....ugh... running shoes are NOT cheap! ;o) I am going out early tomorrow morning to do a trial full 10k with my friend L. I have only ever run at night, and am not a morning person so I need the practice! ;o) The real race is next Saturday!!! OH MY! ;o) I feel like I can finish it no problem which is my goal even if I have to walk some and then just sprint dramatically across the finish line! ;o)

We will be on the road again travelling back and forth for the Women's version of the Emmaus weekend that D lead last week. I am not teaming this time...thank goodness, but my Mother-in-Law is attending for the first time. We dropped her off last night. :o) She was excited and nervous at the same time. We are praying for God to touch her in a big way this weekend!

I also get to see my mom for a bit!! YAY! She has been with my grandparent's in PA since my grandfather's surgery, so I have missed having her around! ;o( We only get to see her for a short time, but it will be good either way.

The boys are good, both seem to be healthy again. S is also good. She's loving school...which is a great switch from last year! ;o) Her grades are great as well. Good for her!

Well...that's all I have to report today.
Have a better than good weekend!


Adeye said...

Standing with you and trusting the Father will lead and guide you in your big decision.

Have a BLESSED weekend, friend.

Andrea Hill said...

Oh Andrea, sorry your feeling crummy. Those days really suck especially if you can't figure out what's the real reason. I do understand you with all my heart about the job thing because that would be such positive thing for your life. I mean how much more perfect can life get if you are working and you have a job serving your God in something you so passionately love. You will get there, you have so much faith and are such a fighter!!!