Friday, October 2, 2009

Faithful Friday

Can I get a YAY it's Friday?! ;o)

It's been a crazy week, but a good one.

Erin has been settling in with her new baby Noah...SO cute!
Cindy finalized on the adoption of her Meron!  YAY
Tiffany is seeing some great improvement in Silas... they still need our prayers as there is still a long road ahead.
Other friends are moving closer to their adoptions, others are celebrating milestones...God is working!

I mailed the check to confirm our airline tickets for the mission team! yippee 

I ran a whole 4 miles at the same time! ;o) WOOHOO!!  I am getting closer and closer to my 10k mark... which is a good thing because it's on the 31st. I have not been paying attention to the scale, it's just not my  But I feel good, other than the whole cow comment thing. ;o) 

God is really working in my life moving some things, stirring up some ideas... giving me so much to think about.  Still praying about the BIG thing. ;o)  I think it's what he wants me to do, but you know how He gives you nuggets along the way, not always the big picture all at once because you might run screaming 

I am loving the leadership class that I am taking.  It's challenging and eye opening.  One of the things I have been thinking alot about this week is my bubble.  My little Christian bubble.  What I have found is that my life doesn't consist of too many people that aren't Christians.  I have work: mostly Christian, Church: um mostly Christian ;o), Our Emmaus community: again Christian.... see not much I do involves other people.  I don't think I did that on purpose... maybe I did?  Like minded people tend to hang out with like minded people I think.  So I am looking for opportunities to expand my horizons.  ;o) 

The boys are doing great in school.  N is still having those days when his ears aren't working quite like we would like, but he seems to be settling.  Of course now that I have said that on here he will have an issue  He does love school though.  Today he is the student of the day.  He was to take a baby picture and a favorite toy.  I did speak to his teacher about the baby pic thing... she wasn't all that concerned about it.  We will see how today goes.  He chose 2 pics from when we picked him up while in ET.  One is of he and his daddy together.  It's very cute.  He also chose a little bat man computer thing that he has.  He said to me last night while choosing, "I want to take something that will make the kids say 'WOW'". 

Today was one of those days that I was sad about the things N no longer has.  There isn't a baby picture to be had of him.  He didn't seem to care, he knows he was 2 when we picked him up and he seems to almost feel like that's when his life started. That too makes me happy and sad at the same time.  He does have some other family, he was loved before we got to love him.  We talk about it, he has pics of them....but it's not the same. 

E has picture day today. I think we have seen the biggest change in him these last few weeks.  He is loving school.  We don't have any issues, that we know of, and his language has been growing by leaps and bounds. He loves to learn.  He still has homework every night. It's his special time with Daddy.  Daddy loves to work with him on it, and E loves the attention.  He seems to be more confident...which some times translates to  He's learning his letters, he can write his name and count to 10.  It's a great school.  AND one of his afternoon teachers is from Ethiopia.  How great is that?!

S ran for homecoming court this week, but didn't make it.  She's only been going to the school for a couple of  But she had a ton of support.  She has since joined the sophomore class club and will be working with the SCA.  She is her father's daughter, the social butterfly. ;o) 

D does have a job, for which we are very grateful, but it's hard on him.  It's been alot of manual labor and it's taking it's toll on his body.  We are praying for a break through soon.   I will be honest, he needs to be in a job that involves speaking to people. ;o)  He volunteered with KLove this past weekend and had a blast.  They had a tent at a local street festival.  He's so good at that kind of stuff.  The local KLove lady loves him!  Maybe she can put in a word for him to get a position with the company? ;o)  He would be excellent! 

God has been good and faithful. 
I pray you all have a better than Good day!


Andrea Hill said...

Faithful Friday indeed! Great to hear the updates from your friends. Go girl with the running!. That is really awesome. I bet S will make it next year. I will be praying for your D also; its so hard when such hard labor is involved. I know he is not getting any younger and must preserve his body.
I am glad your E likes school so much.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said... hearing about your family. Sounds like things are going pretty good. Very excited about this new 'thing" that God is working on you about...and praying that He will show you what you need whenever you need it. Praying about the job situation too. That is hard to deal with sometimes.

Sarah said...

A busy week here too, but God is in control in the midst of the whirlwind.

Blessings to you,
Sarah Dawn

Tarah said...

Love that life is in a good cycle right now. God is good.

Great job on the running! I am so proud of you.

If you want to get to know non christians in an interesting way, do massage therapy. :) God really lets me into peoples lives in an amazing way with this.