Saturday, October 31, 2009

Super Saturday!

It has been such a great day!!! I always forget how to upload the pics and it's too much of a pain to redo them... so.... here's my day...backwards. ;o)

We went to the church for our Fall Festival. The boys had SUCH a blast. ;o) The church really did such a good job with everything. This year was E's 2nd time. He had a blast this time. He wanted to do everything and ride everything, and eat everything. It was such a cool transformation from last year.

The boys coloring pumpkins.... very intense

Balloon swords and cotton candy

E would have nothing to do with the horses last year. This year he wanted to ride them over and over.


Bumble Bee and Race Car Driver... too cool for words

Daddy was so proud of his little race car driver!

I did it!!! I ran the race. I pretty much jogged the whole thing, but I finished strong and I am still walking tonight! ;o) D brought the kids down so I got to see them twice while running they were such wonderful little cheerleaders. I even got the best text right at mile 4 when I was pooping Tiffany sent me a text that told me she was praying for me right then. It was the thing I needed to pick up my pace and know that I could do it! My friend L was there with me the whole time. He was such a great encourager!!! I am signing up for the next big race in November. It's such a good feeling to have completed it, my kids are proud, my hubby is proud... I feel good. ;o) S and D are going to do the next race with me. Thank you God!
I did it!!!

Getting some loving. ;o)
ok the shorts are SO not Good thing I didn't really care about fashion
Before the race. gosh I look tired and I haven't even
Just cause they are too cute!


Adeye said...

woohooo---you DID IT!!! That is absolutely fantastic. I bet you feel like a million bucks--or maybe not :) Hope you're not sore in the morning.

Proud of you, friend.

Tiffany said...

Yippee!! I love the pics...makes me kind of want to do something like that. I might have to think on that one for a long while first...