Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend fun!

It was a fun weekend.
Saturday was a lazy lazy morning, we just hung out. We colored pictures and played some Mario Kart on Wii. My friend J called and asked if the boys wanted to come up to the park and ride bikes with she and her daughter. So we did. The boys were much faster riders than we were I now know that I can take the boys up with me to ride while I walk/jog though. It was great fun.
Sunday was kind of over cast.
We went to church then Sunday school.
Then met some friends at the beach. I was a little afraid we would end up getting rained on, but it turned out to be quite nice. The boys had a blast as usual, and we adults had fun hanging out.

The boys decided to show us how very strong they are!... are you impressed?!!!
Is he model material or what?! I am not sure what's up with the shadow.
Yes that's an eight pound weight! And daddy laughing because it wasn't staying up long. ;o)
Who's laughin now?!
Some pool fun...

Daddy bury me.... water's cold!

Goofy boys.... I love this little men so much. We have the best time.

Today was their first day at VBS. They had a great time and bombarded me with their day the minute I walked in the door. I can't wait till the week is done and we have the closing ceremony. There is something so great about seeing all those kids up there just singing their little hearts out and telling all the new stories they learned about Jesus.

God is Good!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I will second that!!!! We love to hear about that here at camp too!!! Praise God for VBS, camp, and wonderful SS teachers!!!!

Andrea Hill said...

How close do you live to the beach. That must be sooo nice. Okay your N looks so macho with his dumbbell. Too funny.

Unknown said...

Looks like a great weekend. Your boys are so cute! I would love to get our kids together, I think they would have such a good time together!

Tiffany said...


I love that they are hams for the camera (or you're really good at catching them in their moments!) Either's great!