Thursday, July 2, 2009


Children and boundaries. Oiy! What a combo.

N's 4th year has been one of many struggles for us all. Take terrible 2's and double them, maybe triple them at times.

As he gets ready to turn 5 in a month we have all kind of smoothed out. He still has struggles and I still think he's a 16 yr old... stuck in a tiny body. I tell you what...that kid can cop some attitude! He is maturing some, and I pray that is going to continue as he begins Kindergarten this fall. He's ready academically. On a funny academic note, we have been working on his letter writing. He's not got such great hand writing. Of course he's only just turning 5, I am not expecting perfection... but I see shades of his big brother and uncle. Both are extremely intelligent and both have 4 yr old handwriting. ;o) I see signs of genius!

E on the other hand is just starting his 4th year of life. And oh honey hold on to your hats!!! If there is a boundary he is trying to cross it, and he's one tough little cookie. Correction is difficult because even that he defies. We have started some holding techniques, and that has been helping some. But there are times that we just can't stop what we are doing to go into a hold. I am trying to be consistent, but it's so hard sometimes. Last night he was up from 130am until 3am just being obnoxious and not wanting to sleep. Luckily D is out of town and I just brought him into bed with me. I tried to sleep while he tried to keep me up. He was then up with me at 6am, right back at it. Oh how I love that boy... I just had to keep reminding myself at that last night.

As I was laying there listening to him jabber, I was in prayer, and then kind of chuckled to myself as I thought of Romans 8:28. I was trying so hard to see God working the good in my lack of sleep. LOL

S, my actual teen has been testing the boundaries so much less than the little guys. Thank God for small favors. She and I have decided that we are going to begin an exercise program together, once the boys are in bed. Since she is watching the boys during the day and things in life for me have ramped up to crazy level, we are going to stress relieve together. I am really looking forward to that! ;o)

I pray you all enjoy your long holiday weekend! We will be busy as usual. ;o)


Andrea Hill said...

Isn't that something how these precious kids seem to resemble people in our family like they are our bio kids. I shake my head every day and say "wow just like her or him" in my family. I can't imagine tripling the terrible 2's.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Crazy, but true!!! The lengths we go to for our love hold help them.....Praying for you!!!

LisaShaw said...

Sweetie, enjoy the times with your daughter working out and taking care of yourselves as you love and care for your boys. Just think one day they both will put all that good tough stuff to use for the Kingdom (smile). Hang in there and savor every minute even the rough spots because one day they'll be grown and off on their own. Yep it does happen faster than we want it to.

I pray your strength in the LORD.

Thanks for your love and encouragement on my blog earlier. I don't know if you were on my fitness blog but it's gone private. If you're interested let me know.

Love ya.