Monday, July 6, 2009

The July 4th weekend

We had so much fun out and about this past weekend. Fun had with friends and family. We are truly blessed by both the friends and family God has given us.
Friday we spent with the 2 other couples we meet with regularly for an accountability group. One of them lives out in the country so we played in the pool, the kids drove around on the go-kart. Well the kids and He's just a big kid anyway. They are surrounded by pasture land so the boys got to feed the horse as well. N even tried his had at skate boarding. He's so my fearless do it all little man.

LOL... look at that face!
E was chasing the big kids on the golf cart. Funny little man.
The next pics are from the 4th. We went to my parents house to eat lunch and do a sort of cook out. My mom ever the resourceful one has these little tubs out for the kids to play in. How fun is that?! They chose their own tubs.

Then it was on to our other friends house to play in the pool some more. And eat too much food. I also found that I stink rather badly at Ladder Ball. ;o) That's ok, I have never been very good at I will just be happy with my cheerleader position.
These 2 are such peas in a pod! SO much alike, no fear, so sweet, yet very little self control. ;o) They are a force to be reckoned with when they get together!
E loves the water. He would just float around in his floats and splash around. I think he would have stayed there for the whole time if we had let him.
Who is the big 4-0?
Silly girl
Look mom... I am swimming!

We did get out to watch fireworks, and then we all crashed. Sunday was church and then it rained all afternoon. We all chose various spots in the living room and took naps together. What a wonderful way to end the weekend.


Unknown said...

What a fun weekend!! Your family is just so full of life! Thanks for sharing!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

What a beautiful family! Love the fun pics of your weekend.

Andrea Hill said...

I just love the pics. Looks like you had a blast. Your daugther is so stinkin photogenic and beautiful! Can you tell her please?

Amy Jo said...

Awesome pics and a beautiful family! Looks like you had a ton of fun!!! God is SO good. Sending sweet blessings your way, Amy