Friday, July 10, 2009

Finally Friday...

...being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 1:6)

What a great week!
Gettin' Healthy Update:

Monday began the work out commitment. S was sick so she wasn't able to join me. I did the Leslie Sansone 3 mile walk.
Tuesday S and I both did the 3 mile walk.
Wednesday I felt like I needed something more challenging. I love Leslie Sansone, but I didn't feel like it was doing anything for me. So I pulled out one of my Turbo Jam DVDs. It was much better... although S and spent much of the time laughing. My poor sweet girl doesn't have much in the way of coordination. I also discovered it would be be great to have a larger living room. We were running into each other... in some cases avoiding giving each other black eyes by mere
Thursday we tried a different Turbo Jam. This was less challenging coordination wise...but man it makes you sweat! ;o)

I have been eating better. No soda, no sweets other than 1/2 a Three Musketeer's bar. ;o) YUM. I think I am going to work on better portion control.

Added benefit of the work out system is that I am in a much better mood already. I even read an article on Yahoo about how exercise can lift your mood for up to 12 hours afterwards. I had to giggle a bit because we work out at night (I am SO not a morning person) I figure at least I am happy while I sleep.

I did get on the scale yesterday I figured it might be good to see if I see any changes in weight over time. I never have been much of a scale mover, I am more of an 'inches lost' gal. I won't share what it said... eeewww... but I will share if it moves at all. ;o)

I have begun journaling my prayers and thoughts with God. That too has been such a great release.

The kids have had a good week. I always hesitate typing that here, because something always happens to make me want to eat those words. Weird blog Karma (if you believed in that kind of thing)

The boys have been working on letters, they write a new one each day. N knows the letters he's writing, and is doing a great job. E is doing well tracing them, but seems not to be able to recognize them after he writes them. I am not overly worried about it yet, as he can recognize pictures and recall other words. He does know the letter 'E'. ;o) And knows his name starts with it.

They go to the church on Thursday's for a day program. They have a blast. Yesterday N made a crown and staff out of paper. E painted a shirt. Last night when we called daddy to say good night (he's working out of town) E must of told him about his whole day. It's so funny because he's still very much learning language, he mostly says 1 and 2 word phrases followed by "yeah" ... He's very animated and you usually can get what he's saying. So cute!!! He did say a whole sentence last night "My cow fe-down" translated "My cow fell down" ( we had gotten kids meals from Chik-fil-a)

S is still learning to drive... yikes! Honestly it's so not fun to be at the mercy of your child behind the wheel. Any one want to come help her learn?

We are in high gear getting ready for the yard sale at our church for the mission team. We have had several donations of items to sell, lots of people interested in attending. Z helped me pick up some chairs last night. They are so ugly... BUT! They would be beautiful if upholstered. ;o) I think I will make a sign for them suggesting We have 7 confirmed people for our trip, and 3 or 4 others still praying about their involvement. I think it's going to be a great group! I was looking at pictures this morning of Ethiopia and just had such a longing to be there. Thank you God for making this happen.

Z has been working at his church this summer in the youth day program. Mostly middle schoolers. He is getting a taste of what it means to He's really doing an excellent job. I am so proud of him.

Thank you to all of you that have said you would pray with me while I work on getting healthier! I can feel it. It's working.

This coming week I plan to continue working out at least 6 days, 45 mins each day. It's been my schedule this week and I love it. I will continue eating healthier, and journaling my prayers.

Please keep the prayers coming!
Have a blessed weekend.


Our journey following Christ said...


Keep up the good work! I also believe we can often times be more effective in the work the Lord has for us.

Thank for all your kind comments on my blog. You are a great encourager!!


Andrea Hill said...

That is so awesome that you had such a great workout week.
Just make sure not to exercise more than 6 days a week. Otherwise your poor body will get burnout quickly.

Tiffany said...

Yeah for you!

Lots of Love from here...