Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Monday

I always look forward to weekends, then look forward to Monday so I can have some down How do we pack so much into so little time?

Friday night was the boys VBS presentation. They were so cute!!! N LOVED it, he loves songs and music so he had a blast doing all the motions and singing. E not so much. He was NOT about going up to the front. I have some cute video but the sound did not record...bummer

Saturday morning was spent picking up items for the garage sale... phew we have kinds of great stuff. I am very excited about the prospects. I am thinking about getting my dad to build some Adirondack chairs and raffling them off. He does great work... and he's cheap. Oh wait... no he's not, he did tell me his time was priceless. ;o)

Saturday afternoon I went to a baby shower. It was alot of fun. It was for our Sunday school facilitator who had been trying to get pregnant for some time. We had been praying for her for about a year. She is now due with her first baby girl in October. It was really pretty emotional as well, as we were all so pleased that the desires of her heart are being realized.

After the shower I went to get my hair cut. YAY.. you know what it's like when you are just over your hair? That was me. ;o) It's about 2 inches shorter, I am pleased.

Saturday night we had a really cool encounter!

We took the boys up to a park near the house. It's a huge park with track around it that is about 2 miles long. We took the boys in the wagon, just in case they got tired of walking, but daddy ended up pulling it empty most of the time. N and I raced quite a bit. He's one fast little cookie. Even with me in my running shoes and him in flop flips... I was loving running with my little Ethiopian boy. ;o) E was also running quite a bit. He's not so fast, but he's like the little energizer bunny, he just kept on keeping on... he was so cute to watch. On our way back to the car our cool encounter happened:

We passed a lady with 2 children. As we were passing them, D and I looked at each other. Our look said "They are Ethiopian!!!" We don't have very many Ethiopian people in the area... next to none really so we were kind of excited. Well my silly self... I was feeling shy and was afraid to ask her. D on the other hand is my guy who will talk to anyone so he took the boys in their wagon and chased her He asked her if she was from Ethiopia, she looked at him funny then looked at the boys. She exclaimed "He's from Ethiopia!" pointing at N. Then looking at E said "He's not, he's black" We assured her that he was also from Ethiopia. She was very excited that we had stopped her. She's lived here about 8 yrs and still has a very strong accent. She said she stays home with her kids so she doesn't have a chance to speak much English. Her husband is also from Ethiopia and works for the same company I do! How VERY cool is that?! She invited us to her house, got our phone number and wants us to get to be friends. Her oldest son is about a year older than N, but has the same energy output. ;o) She has a daughter that is about 2 yrs old and E's size. The boys talked about them the rest of the night and into the next day. They were very excited to have met them and can't wait to see them again.

I can't tell you how great it is to have found other Ethiopians in the area. God is so good!!! And I was almost too shy to stop and ask her. My hubby said to me that I have to learn to step out of my box. He is right... I am working on it. ;o)

Sunday was church. They did the VBS recap again. This time they sang a different song. N of course was up front and E was not. The song they sang spoke of God's goodness and leaning on Him. I cried through the whole thing watching N up there singing about relying on God and trusting Him. I felt like he may not really understand the meaning, but that he was already so touched by God and His grace. What a blessing it is that N is here in our lives and blessing us. How often in the future may he need to rely on God for his strength? I was just overwhelmed with love for this sweet little dude. The funny thing is that he wasn't taught the motions for that song, yet he kept right up and did them with all the kids. I am telling you... if they still have American Idol when he's old enough... you better be watching for my boy! ;o)

For brunch on Sunday we celebrated with our Sunday school class, the 70th birthday of one of our members. It was great fun.

The rest of the day was spent lazing around. I was just tired the whole rest of the day so I didn't do a heck of Even blew off exercising, which probably would have helped, just had no energy.

Today I feel good and can't wait to work out tonight. S and I are ready to sweat again! ;o)

My van is still giving me fits and the engine light came on this morning on the way to work. Lord you know what we need... Please provide, however you see fit. ;o) Soon would be great! ;o)

Praying blessings for your week!!!


Amy Jo said...

Love that your sweet boy lost himself in worship. I am so enamoured by my children's faith - so simple and real! God is SO good!

Awesome that you have found other Ethiopians to connect with! We're looking forward to doing the same thing. I know my 7 year old son will really need that!

Sweet blessings,

Tiffany said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I hope you are able to develop a great friendship with your new aquaintances...that'd be so great for the boys!

Our journey following Christ said...


Very cool to have some new Ethiopian friends. They probably need you as much as you need them. We have friends from Uganda and unfortunately I know that they don't have gobs of white, American friends. Don't ask me why! Super wonderful, warm people.

We had a college age guy from Ghana (friend of our son) living with us for a few months before the fire. He told us that immigrants think white, Americans are unfriendly and a little strange. Upon opening up our home to him and welcoming him to our family, he learned otherwise. What an opportunity for us to learn from him and him from us.

We do need to leave our comfort zones and befriend people who are different than us. We will be so blessed!


Unknown said...

What a wonderful weekend! I hope that you are able to keep contact with the ET women and her family, what a great connecion!!

Andrea Hill said...

Ha, it looks like a very busy weekend. Packed with stuff. I hope not every weekend is like that unless you are a crazy busy body!

LisaShaw said...

This message blessed my heart to read all of the many ways GOD is showing Himself faithful is always a treat.

Glad you met some Ethopian friends also. Hay post a photo of your hair cut. Too bad the video didn't work of the boys.

You keep pressing forward dear friend. Love ya.