Friday, July 17, 2009

Finally Friday!

Happy Friday Ya'll!

Today you will be spared my self discovery and just get to hear what the rest of the clan has been up to. ;o)

D was in Chattanooga TN all week, working. Well sort of Some of the other guys he was working with have dirt bikes and own land out there so he went dirt bike riding. He had a BLAST, but also was reminded that he is no longer 18 yrs He has a few injuries.

S and the boys had a good week. I think they are finally getting into a groove. The boys went to the church program on Tuesday. They all really enjoy that time apart and to do their own thing. Next week is VBS, we are still trying to find them a way there on Monday and Tuesday... but we will work something out.

The boys have been working on letters. They do a new one each day. E seems to have real difficulty with letters C and G, not really sure why. He is still young and learning so I will wait and see what the school says. He gets very upset and doesn't even try though if he thinks he can't do it. It gets frustrating for him. He loved doing H and I I come in the door and the boys rush me with their letter books. CUTE!

S and I have kept up our exercise routine. Cardio and weights on alternating days. It's feeling great!!!

The good news is ..... I have lost 3 lbs!!! YAY!
I still weigh more than I ever have in my life... yuck... but I am feeling good and loving the scale actually moving. I have been doing great with food choices as well. I passed up my favorite pancakes in the cafeteria ....wooohoo!!!

There is a 10k on Halloween this year, it's a new one at the oceanfront... S and I are thinking about signing up for it. It's kind of soon and it's going to be the hottest part of the summer to train... but we may go for it.

It's so fun to work out with her and keep each other accountable. There have been times when I just didn't want to work out or she didn't and we made the other just get up and go. Love it!!

And now for the real reason you come to this

Pics of the boys....

The boys loving on Buddy the dog.
Showing off their church program creations....of course N chose So cute!!


Author and HIV/AIDS Advocate--S.Meredith said...

I love your blog and a big "Congrats!" on the three pounds!! The pics are so cute!

Tiffany said...

Another great week, yeah for you guys!!!!

Amy Jo said...

Happy Friday to YOU! Way to go on making healthy food choices. Keep pressing into Him, He'll give you the stength and perseverence you need. (And I need!) ;-) Sweet blessings, Amy

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love the pics!!! Pink- oh yeah my boys do the same things.....oh well.

Adeye said...

How precious are your boys? So adorable.

Hang in there with the workouts--I know, it is such a mission--but so worth it. I have to FORCE myself.

Andrea Hill said...

Ha, I actually like reading your stories and inspirations. Its like talking to a friend. Congrats on losing 3 pounds. That is really awesome. Also I wanted to share with you that I got my kids the Leap Frog Letter Factory on DVD and the kids learned their abc's sooo fast. They even learn how to sound out the letters like they have to in school. Hm, you probably already have that DVD..