Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Have you ever told someone that you were praying for patience and you received a horrified look?

Then heard "OH! you should not pray for patience God will give you something to be patient about!"

Guess what? I used to be the horrified look person. ;o)

But I have come to realize that God's not some kind of sadist thinking... " hmmm you want patience? oh I will give you patience! Hold on honey...."

Honestly, how does that make sense when you read scripture that says to come to him all who are heavy laden?

Scripture does say that if you ask Him He will grant it.

Recently I have been asking God fervently for patience. In D and my prayer time at night, I ask for patience.

N requires much patience and much redirection. He has boundless energy and is always always on the go. I have often thought he may have a bit of ADHD, but he's only almost 5 yrs old, I am not looking to medicate him at this point.

Do we give him other things to do to help him lose the energy?... YES! We ride bikes, we have the little in home trampoline, we run laps in the house, we take him outside to run. He flips in several directions in a matter of minutes while watching TV, he is talking from the moment his eyes open to the time he falls asleep, shoot he even twitches in his sleep.

The way he lines things up, sets them in order, separates them by color and then does it all again in different patterns colors and items. His little brain is always at work.

To be honest it's often difficult keep patience. I believe that God knows my heart, if I am asking him for the patience to deal with N's actions and allow him opportunities to release those brain waves then I know He will. I do not beleive He finds ways for N to be even more active and impulsive.

I want to be able to show N that he is loved, he is cherished, and it's ok to be "on" all the time. That although I have to speak to him for the 10th time about the same thing... he is still lovable and loved.

We were speaking to a friend the other day that said that we should try giving him Mountain Dew. I know we both laughed at her. Truly?! Are you kidding?! Have you seen him... and you want us to add caffeine to the mix? ;o)

She is a teacher at a local elementary school where children with special needs go. She said that the school psychologists offer the Mountain Dew option to parents that don't want to medicate. If the child truly has ADHD or something like it, the caffeine or stimulant will calm him. hhhmmm... interesting.

We haven't tried it yet. We haven't had a space in time to see if it works to calm him... or if we need to take he and his bike to the park and let him ride off the

D and I were just saying the other night that as crazy as life has become we sure do love these guys. They bring this added dimension to life that we never imagined. The love, the hugs, the kisses...the growth.

We have grown and expanded our lives, our conscience... our FAITH!

So in addition to praying for patience I am thanking God for His abundant grace and the gift of our children.


Our journey following Christ said...

Oh, Andrea I'm right there with you! Mihiretu is one of the busiest boys I've ever seen and Misganaw isn't far behind him.

I often wonder why God didn't give me the super busy boy for my first or second child, when I was MUCH younger and had more energy to keep up with him. But then I think maybe it's because I might have been afraid to adopt later in life if I only knew how these little boys could be!!

We would NOT trade the energy for the boredom that was coming when the older kids moved out. I thank God (and I know you do, too) for the blessing of mothering more children...with all the craziness they bring our way!

Keep up the exercising...for me that's made all the difference in keeping up with them.


Andrea said...

I have wondered the same! Why didn't we have them sooner when we were so much more energetic? I too would probably been afaid to have more if he had been one of my
The exercising has actually been helping on so many levels.

And nope wouldn't trade them for the world! ;o)


Holli said...

Ok seriously just laughed out loud!
1. Totally am that be carefully what you pray for look....
2. Mt. Dew. If it does work I WILL NEVER tell my husband - he is an addict and until recently order it online so he could get it in the UK.
Thanks for this post - you are so right God LOVES us and wants the HIS best for us!
I will pray God will give you patience and me too! And that your son doesn't have ADHD but just is all about enjoying life to its fullest!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Oh yeah.....feeling your pain. Our Joshua and Sarah...have in the past been like that...but have calmed down a bit. We have techniques we use (we homeschool) to get them to have energy and listen at the same time- well almost. The child that takes the cake- Elizabeth. We lovingly call her spaz!!! She has the biggest smile which makes you remember that she is a gift. On the other hand when she is bouncing 24/7 it is hard to remember sometimes...even with that cute smile!

Aaron said...

Andrea I'm going to just e-mail you my thoughts on this post. They are many. And personal

Andrea H. said...

Ughh, how could anyone ever make a comment like that. The words patience and grace are in my prayers every single day. In fact if I wouldn't pray for patience and rely on this world I would have probably have a dead kid now:) Often times when I am about to lose my patience I just walk away and pray for more patience and grace. So my dear friend if you would like me to start praying for patience I would love to do that. And thanks for this great post.

Andrea said...

I would love the prayers Andrea! ;o)

LisaShaw said...

Praying for patience is key and I agree w/what you shared God is not going to bring something horrible down on you to deal with because you're praying for patience.

We actually are honoring HIM when we pray that way as Patience is one of the Fruit of the Spirit.

I love you dear sister and your open and transparent heart.