Saturday, June 28, 2008

NEW News!

So our court date was able to be moved up!  Praise God and YIKES at the same time.
July 1st is when it should be read in the courts in Addis, and if we pass he is officially ours!!! 

This means we have some choices in travel dates.  If we go earlier, we are in country for just over 2 weeks.  Well, I am in the country that long, D can't be gone that long so he would be there for the initial meeting and the official stuff and then leave to get home to his job and the kids.  

Then I would wait and stay for the remainder of the time and come home.  I will admit to being rather intimidated with spending the time there alone, and then traveling home alone.  Last time that flight home was when my stomach began some ugly rumblings and I don't know what I would have done without S and D with me.  The plus is that I would have a whole lot longer in the country to bond with E, than we did with N so I think that would be beneficial.
Plus I really just want to go get my hands on him!

The other option is to wait to travel until some of the other paperwork is done, we would be in the country about a week and a half and D could be with us the whole time. This puts traveling 2 weeks later though and I don't really want to wait 2 weeks to get to him.

We got a new picture of him and while he still looks SO sad, he's physically looking better, seems to be hanging in there and recuperating.  

Financially waiting those 2 weeks would be SO helpful.  But how do we weigh the financial part against the need to get our son?

We would appreciate prayers for our discernment and wisdom in this choice.


Matthew and Amanda said...

Congrats! What exciting news.

I hear you on the travel issue. I couldn't wait another second, so we were there for 2 weeks when we picked up our son. I'm glad we did it that way, but it did get long and hubby had to go back to work RIGHT away.

Good Luck

Spark said...

what exciting news! Yahoo! I don't know if I could wait either - when it looked like they were going to postpone our trip to get Asrat because of the riots, I nearly had a heart attack. I traveled alone - you CAN do it. Be very, very cautious about what you eat, use hand sanitizer every time you turn around, and make sure you take Pepto and Cipro at the FIRST signs of anything. Our travel dr said you can take Pepto tablets preventatively, like 2 or 3 times a day. Good luck, and keep us posted!

Edie N.

Leslie said...

I think the earliest you can get your hands on your boy and love him to health, the better. But I think more than anything, God will make it clear to you. Praying tonight!!!