Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Love

Tomorrow is my grandfather's 90th birthday!!!

He is my first and best love.  The most amazing man I know... apart from my husband...of course. ;o)

He is the most intelligent man you will ever meet, but he's not over bearing.  My best memories are of him in the kitchen hum/singing some tune.  It was a song that he would add nonsense words to and make his own.  He LOVES opera and classical music.  He would turn on his Bose radio in the kitchen and blast it all over the house.  Or as times got more advanced he puts on a CD and blasts that.  I am not sure he ever sleeps more than a cat nap at a time.
He's the consummate gentleman.  When my grandmother had a stroke while they were visiting us on vacation, he would put on his suit coat and bow tie so that he was presentable in the hospital.  I have never seen a more handsome man.  They have been married more than 60 years...and he is still in love.

He is a master gardener, and STILL goes in his garden almost every day and grows his own veggies, and fruit.  

I have never called him grandpa, it's always been dad...because he's the best there is.

He is handsome and kind, he's smart and funny, he's a gentleman AND a scholar.  He's my grandfather... he's my hero and my first love.  How lucky am I to have him in my life???  The luckiest!

Happy birthday Dad! 

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BlessedMamato5 said...

Hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow!
Talk to you when you get home!
Love ya!