Saturday, June 7, 2008


So we finally got some news on Little E!

He has received his package that lets him know he has a family!!!  YAY!  They say he was very happy to receive it.  ok so it's not like they would say he was made and threw it on the ground or  But we have prayed that he would find comfort and hope in it... so we will continue praying that for him.

We also received the picture of him holding it.  My goodness his illness has taken a toll on his skin.  Poor little guy looks so uncomfortable. It's hard to describe how it feels to look at him.  I see past what looks so bad and see this amazing beautiful child.  But I think of the other children and just pray that aren't being unkind to him.  We have been told that he is so shy and quiet, that to have that appearance can't make him feel comfortable.  I just want to reach out and pull him into my arms and hold him and whisper he is beautiful, he is wonderful, and he is perfect... that he is loved not only by us but more importantly by God.
We cannot wait to get him home.

We also received news that they are working hard on the paperwork to get him home quickly. There are extra reports and medical things they have to do, but they are working hard and diligently to make that happen.   Thank you God!

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