Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another great weekend

D and I will be celebrating 15 yrs of marriage on June 12th.  So we decided to take a trip.  

The thing is that on Friday June the 13th Z will be graduating and on Saturday the 14th we are having a family fun day to help raise some money to off set travel fees to pick up Little E. (more on that later)

We decided this would be a great weekend to travel. 

We didn't travel far, just up the road to Williamsburg but it was a great time.
We left Friday and made it in time to have dinner and walk around an outlet mall.  LOVE outlets, killer deals.  We found a pair of Van's for N that were only 5.00.  

Saturday we walked around more shops.  We visited a place called the Pottery Factory.  In it's hay day it used to have tons of shops, anything from pottery (of course) to rugs, to cutlery to nicknack's.  We went there on our way back from our honeymoon 15 yrs ago so it was kind of fun to check it out again.  Well it was fun until we walked in.  It's almost all gone, and just looks like a ghost town now.  We were able to fun a pot in one store that we had been looking for and it was at a bargain as well. So there was a plus.

Then we went on to down town Williamsburg to enjoy the walk, see the sidewalk sales and just enjoy the history.   We made dinner reservations at a place called Berret's.  It was excellent. We both ordered the same dinner.  1/2 pound crab cakes on sweet potato pecan bread with maple syrup and bacon.  Oh my goodness!  De - lish!!!!!

We then got to go to the Yankee Candle outlet.  It's HUGE and has a winter wonderland area where it snows every 2 minutes or something.  Pretty cool since it was like 85 degrees outside.
Sunday we decided to go to Busch Gardens. At this point though we had become an old married couple missing their kids.  So we stayed for about 2 hours, rode some roller coasters and came home.  

It was a wonderful time away to enjoy each other, but we really found that we missed home, and the kids.  

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