Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Little E

So tomorrow is his birthday.  He will be 3 yrs old.  How surreal is it to not be present for your son's birthday.  I wonder if he even knows it's his birthday?  Does he know he's 3?  Does he know we wish we were there with him?  Does he miss having a cake and candles?  Or would he just like to be home with us, in a family that loves him and cares for him forever.

We haven't had any court news or medical news since we heard he was sick.  I just pray that he feels an extra special HUGE flow of love for him tomorrow on his special day.  The day that signifies that he has made it yet another year in the life that's been a battle for him.  One that even at the age of 3 he's been winning with valiance and grace.  One that he didn't choose...one that shouldn't be so hard.  He should be looking forward to this day...thinking of the presents he may be getting, what kind of party his mom and dad are planning... how much cake he can eat.  

Oh Little E... Happy Birthday little man, mommy and daddy are sending you love and strength and hope.  We will see you soon and next year we will have one humdinger of a party!


Blessedmama said...

Happy Birthday Sweet little boy!!!! I pray that you could be with your new family on your special day! Wish I could be at that "humdinger" of a party next year though!!!!

Oh my dear friend - how I wish your boy could feel his Mama's hug on his special day tomorrow. I wish you could feel HIM in YOUR arms!

Soon my friend - it will be soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday E! Hope he's home very soon! Miriam just had her third birthday 2 weeks ago.