Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So this week we have learned that we may learn a court date soon. ;o)  That's the adoption system for you.  Actually our contact is working very hard to get our case expedited, and get little E home, but we can only go as quickly as the Ethiopian courts will go, and they are pretty back logged.

A dear traveler has sent a a few notes about him from her visit there this week.  She gave a precious piece of information... he likes cashews and almonds but not m&m's.  Isn't it funny, the little things that make you joyful?  This gives us a leg up for when we meet him. CAN'T wait!!!

D has been off this week with his family who are visiting.  I am very bummed about the things that I am missing N do.  They have gone Putt Putt, and N made a hole in 1!!!!  Maybe he's the next Tiger Woods... and will also win a few US Open's? ;o)  He has also been boogie boarding!  I have missed it!  As blessed as I feel to have a job that provides for our family, I hate that I have to miss these things!  Tomorrow they are going to a marine museum....ugh!!! I will miss that too.  What I miss most is his little face, and the complete joy he gets out of things... his laughter and excitement... priceless.

I did NOT however miss his very first "dance" recital. He had that this evening.  What fun!  He did a great job for being such a tired little man (after his full day at the beach with no nap).  He followed the moves and smiled, and just was too cute for words.  My favorite part was when he leaned over to his friend and said "Hey! My whole family is here!" 
Yep there we were front row, cheering the loudest and proudest.

We have already hung his medal in his room and placed his certificate on the wall.
So fun!

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Blessedmama said...

Ok, I didnt know he was in dance! What kind of dance? He is just such a cutie pie! I just want to give him a big squeeze every time I see his pictures!