Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another crazy week!

What a week!  
Wednesday mom and I drove about 6 hours for the 90th birthday dinner with my grandfather.  SO worth it.  
He is in the best health of any 90 yr old I know... of course I don't know too many 90 yr olds.  We had a wonderful time.  My aunt brought a photo album of pics from when he was a little guy, just a baby, then a handsome teenager... he sure was a hottie. ;o)

Dinner was great but I ended up sitting next to my cousins boyfriend.  He's a nice enough guy, but a pompous you-know-what.  We ended up in a conversation about HIV/AIDS in Africa and pharmaceutical companies.  He tried to tell me that pharmaceutical companies are just like table or chair makers, and have a responsibility to make a profit and take care of their share holders.  They can't just give away medicines to people because they are dying.  And his company makes 30k pace makers that may help a 10 yr old in Alabama, but they just can't give them away.  I cannot tell you how infuriated I was... I eventually just told him he was full of s*%& and to stop talking.  Take his excuses and go tell the mother in Africa that is holding her dying child, or the 4 yr old that is watching their mother die.   My mother at the other end of the table asked if we needed to be moved.  Since I was sitting next to my grandfather on the other side, I decided this could was his party and I wasn't going to let this arrogant twit ruin it.

We drove home Thursday, which was D and I's 15 yr anniversary.  We had our carpets cleaned and went to dinner with the kids. lol... dinner's recently have been interesting.  We ended up at a table that had apparently never been out in public to learn manners. They literally sat turned in their seats staring at us.  I have become totally used to people looking, but outright rudeness drives me nuts.  I mean sheesh... 

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