Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gloriously ruined...

So I told you about this book I began reading, Dangerous Surrender by Kay Warren.  I am usually a very quick reader, but this is a book I can't read quickly.  Kind of like There is No Me Without You... can only take pieces because it's so raw.

I just finished reading chapter 3 entitled: Gloriously Ruined.  good grief!  If I were an author I could have written this chapter, there are words she writes that I have actually said, and some I have only thought.  She talks about her first trip to Africa and meeting HIV+ men, women and children.  She tells of a mother that when asked how she can be prayed for doesn't say, "Heal me, or feed me"  She asks for prayers for her children, the ones that will be left behind and left with the stigma...even if they do not have HIV themselves.  

She speaks of how she came home to the US and couldn't reconcile live as she knew it... and life as it is.  

Who is this woman that can speak the words of my mind so clearly though we have never met?

I do look forward to reading more perhaps she and God can help shed some light on how I channel the feelings that have not left since our trip to Ethiopia, and those that I know will resurface or become stronger when we go to pick up E.

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hotflawedmama said...

Isn't it an amazing book? I knew you would enjoy it. Good but hard, I agree. Just wait, though, there's more! So happy to hear about court. keep me posted! Much love, Tesi