Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Glory in the Highest

It's been a week.

Turmoil with that same person at church again... seriously...get with the program... it's about peace on earth good will towards all dude! :)

Kids hyped up on all the activities, crazy schedules and of course Christmas cookies and candy.

As much as we want to share with our children that this season is all about the birth of our Christ, it gets lost in translation. We take our kids to see Santa. We talk about the gifts and have stockings hung by the (fake) chimney with care.

D gets all frustrated with the whole commercialism, but then is the one I can't contain when he's buying gifts...lol

I have been feeling bummed because I haven't had the energy to get myself up and get to the gym...too much going on too much stress...which the gym would help...lol...yet I don't go.

Again I feel like I am in the whirling vortex... so much going around me, looking for the peace.

Two nights ago E-man says to D, "I love Santa more than mommy."


D says "You may love Santa more, but he only brings you something one day a year, mommy loves you every day."

E thinks for a moment and says...."Ok, I love mommy more"

I pondered this quite a bit.

How often do we say these exact words to Christ? I love money more than you, or I love my time more than you, or I love these shoes more than you, or I love sleeping in more than you?

Does He feel the same twinge? Does He feel the same momentary feeling of failure?

Yesterday I pulled out my Chris Tomlin Christmas CD... and found this song.

Jesus loves us every day.... He loves us all the time. He came as a baby to give us peace, to show us love. He loves us the best!!!


James 1:27 Family said...

Love you, Andrea! I think I'm in your whirling vortex! I'm with D too. I think all the hoopla is gross so I tried to ignore it and now I'm scrambling this week to get something together for my family! :)

Let's fight to keep Jesus first in our kids' hearts together! And our own! I love walking this journey with like-hearted friends.

Much love,

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Powerful analogy! WOW never thought about that.

WORLASI said...

Nice blog. That is very true. We try to give praise to the person with us at that very moment. Christ or God has been there for us all the time and we need to love Him more.

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God bless you for stopping by.

LisaShaw said...

Sweet friend,

I read your heart and prayed for you.

I came by to wish you and your precious family a Blessed Christmas! You are very special to me Andrea!

Continue to be transparent and genuine with your heart. You please the LORD I'm sure!

Love you!