Monday, December 27, 2010

21 Years

That's how old my first born baby is today!

How did he get to be so old??? Cause I am so not old enough to have such a grown child! :)

So Happy Birthday to my first born. The one that started it all...
He's ridiculously smart, very handsome, sweet, has a bit of an ego, loves the Lord and is an all around really good guy! Now he just needs to find him a woman who can see all that and appreciate him! :)


Our journey following Christ said...

Don't you just love a sweet son like that??

Mine turns 21 in one more month. I also am not old enough for that, am I?

Have a blessed day celebrating your sons birthday.


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

WOW- Happy Birthday!!!!!

Adeye said...

Happy birthday to your handsome young man!

Andrea Hill said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a handsome young man you have as a son.