Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blessed Reminders

This weekend has been full of wonderful reminders of the blessings that abound in my life.

I love this ornament. It was such a wonderful reminder to me this weekend that we much always praise Him.

So we will Praise him... continually and for always...we will Praise Him in the yes answers and in the no answers. We will praise him when we are happy and when we are sad... We will count it all as joy.
The boys sitting together playing DS. Sometimes it goes very sometimes not. This was a good time.
N is ingenious! He used a slinky to keep his hand made harpy-thing and microphone close so he could sing and play at the same time! :)
Then there was decorating...
E loved this ornament so he asked to have a pic taken of him with
D and I got to go out on a date for dinner on Saturday night. His boss took us out. It was a nice time, good food and fun company. He co-workers wife was so excited to tell me that she had read this article in a magazine about this amazing couple that had adopted kids from Ethiopia and 2 of them had hiv!!! LOL She told me all about them...when I could get a word in edgewise I told her that I knew the people in the magazine, that they were actually good friends...LOL She was so very moved by them and I said yeah.. they are pretty amazing people. We kinda love them. :)
Then we had the boys Christmas program... It was was fun, but a bit late in the evening for the kids. In all honesty my boys were excellent. N's day had been one of broken listening ears so frankly we were not sure how he would do. But he was awesome! And the fun part was that he knew all the words to all the other songs too, so he sang along to the whole thing. SO cute! He was in the front row and was excellent. Poor E man ended up between the 3 little girls next to him at some point during the evening. They were pushing him and dancing around him and the little boy in the white vest was plucking I was totally impressed that he did not wallop one of them. I was so afraid that he would.

My littlest blessings!! Aren't they they cutest?!

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