Saturday, May 22, 2010

A little catch up

Do you ever wonder where the time goes?

How did it get to be Saturday morning already?!

As I look back, it really wasn't all that packed this week because we had rain so practices and games were rained out. We did get to watch N's season finale of Angel Choir though. SO sweet! I can't tell you how many people come to us afterwards and tell us that he's the one they watch. He's so animated and so into the tunes and words. There was even a spot where he was supposed to be sitting quietly and watching the older kids sing and perform sign language for a song. He got up and started signing with them. He's amazing. I think we are going to have to put him in drama classes some day...truthfully! :o) I think I may change his name here on the blog to DK... Drama King. :o)

Took E to the dentist on Friday morning. He's got one cavity. That's it! I have been dreading going because we had so much to do with N's mouth. E was so good, he let them do all the things they needed to. He even sat through the xrays that made him gag so badly. Poor little guy! We go back in a couple of weeks to fill the cavity.

S has been good, busy with life, school and work.
Z is away on a bible/leadership college retreat.
D is out fishing with my dad today. Hope they bring home some yummy fish!
Today is our last soccer game for the season.
Tonight is dinner with friends. We sure don't do that often enough.

Hey fun note... our mission team was in the paper this week. It was a very nice story. It even plugged our presentation coming up on Sunday. On Sunday morning at 9:30 and 11am say a little prayer for us. We will be asking if there are others that would be willing to come on board for another trip in the coming year. I think we are going to try to go back next year around the same time. At least half the team wants to go back, and my D is ready to go as well. :o) I pray that if it's God's will, then He will set the right people in motion. There has been a little kick back so I am waiting to see how it plays out. Can't wait to share. Anyone wanna come?

There has been more controversy in the adoption world this week. I choose not to give it any more publicity than what it's gotten. I choose to pray for the offender and those that he hurt with his words.

Adoption is not for every one. But for those that can't or aren't ready...they can at least support it. And if they can't support adoption they can support mother's and families so that there isn't a need for it... but that's a whole other post....

God worked up some pretty amazing people at the Orphan Summit and there is a pretty awesome movement of people into the world of caring for the orphan...and ALL that that entails. I think Satan is just getting a little worried, so he's setting off some kinks in the plan.

He won't win.

I am going to play with my little gifts...have a Better than Good weekend.


Our journey following Christ said...

Speaking of the Orphan Summit...the DVD's of the general sessions arrived in the mail yesterday. Where would you like me to send them?? You can FB or email me with your address:)

They are SO good, can't wait to re-see them myself!

I hadn't heard about any adoption controversy this week. I can only imagine...ugh.


Tammy said...

I have two dear friends who are just beginning the adoption process. We talked a lot this past week about the adoption controversy. I watched them each wrestle with this and become more confused. Indeed this was Satan distracting them from focusing on where their heart was leading them.

Aaron said...

Marjorie and I would seriously be interested in going to Ethiopia with you guys if we could work it out. Keep us up to date on the process.

Andrea H. said...

I always love your updates. I am so proud of your N. I love as a parent when you find something that they really like to encourage that. Happy E got an almost clean bill from the dentist. I know that can be so costly. Dealing with my newest one on that. Okay, we should try and go to the orphan summit next year together. I will be praying for the presentations tomorrow at both services. Those ones can get pretty choky and I am so thrilled your church is planning on doing more over the