Sunday, May 9, 2010

4 reasons why Mother's day is Better than Good!

Hope those of you that read this blog are having a blessed a wonderful mother's day!

It's been a good one for me so far. I got wonderful hugs and kisses from my tiny boys this morning. N came running into my bedroom in his undies and jumped on the bed for a snuggle. I was rubbing his head, so he reached up and rubbed mine at the same time. Priceless moment.

It was youth Sunday at church. Powerful stuff. What a perfect day for youth to lead worship. The did an amazing skit, the seniors shared the faith story so far and sang beautifully. S prayed at the 11 o'clock service. Another priceless moment.

Then we came home and had lunch. I had all my kids at the table, we laughed and ate and the older 2 picked on each other in fun. It doesn't get much better than that. I LOVE having all my kids together, those days get farther and farther apart.

My mom and mom in law are traveling so I don't get to celebrate with them. What a amazing women who have taught me so much. My mom who supports me in everything I do, or comes around The one who is sure to tell me frequently that "I Rock" :o) I am a blessed mom and daughter.

I pray for those children who have lost their mothers and miss them today. I pray for the moms who have experienced the pain of losing their precious children and for those that haven't yet experienced the joy of hearing the words " I love you mommy".

I love being a mother... it's truly the best gift God has ever given me.

My Z. The one that started all this mommy business. How did he get so grown up?!

Playing with the effects on my camera. The man I love with all my heart. Dang he's handsome!
Me and my 4 reasons.

Me and S outside of church this morning. Jesus has our backs :o)


Andrea Hill said...

Awhhh, Happy Mother's Day!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love it!!!! Happy Mother's Day!!!