Sunday, May 2, 2010

Did we skip Spring?

Future's so bright, we gotta wear shades. (We call that tattoo the BC The other arm has a cross that says Christ 4 Life, that's the AC one)
Hello handsome
He loves this game, and he's actually getting pretty good at it. :o) Can you see his little tongue sticking out? Worries me the whole time.
It was a hot day!
Love this action shot.
Mom was part of a murder mystery tea at church. Mom played the part of Dee on Hysteria Lane. Good news is that she was not guilty. She did have the very best decorated table in the fellowship hall though! :o) My camera ran out of batteries or you would have a pic. :o)
Hi mom :o)
Yard work before....
And after...
My beautiful little man decided to channel his inner Igor. He and N had a collision on the swings, N has no evidence... E has a goose eye. It's already much much better though. He's still really stinkin cute isn't he?!
Funny girl
Look at the beautiful flowers.... hope I can keep them alive.

It's been a wonderful weekend, but I think we skipped Spring. It was 92 degrees today with a heat index of 100 in some places locally! WHAT?! It's only May 2. It's going to be a long summer, I am already sun burnt. :o)


Bonnie said...

Well i'd love your weather - it was snowing here on Sun. blech.

James 1:27 Family said...

Love the pics of your family. And I love the BC/AC tattoos. :) We ALL have those, just some aren't in visible things like tattoos and some of us try to hide them and cover them. I really love the "realness" of your family. You are exactly who God created you to be and it's beautiful.

Love in Jesus,