Monday, November 23, 2009

Today I am thankful for medicine

I know it seems weird, but today I am reminded that I am thankful for medicine.

I had to take E for his H1N1 booster shot. We went to his PID office to get it. I was struck by what life was like just a year ago. We were just beginning to see the positive effects of the medicine that he takes to keep him alive. He was beginning to grow and all the yucky's on his head and over his body were clearing. The strange rashes and spots were clearing and he was beginning to look and feel like a little kid again.

I was having a conversation about HIV/AIDS the other night. Trying to explain the issue with lack of meds and fear of disclosure in so many places. How mothers and children die every day because they do not have access to medicine or are afraid to find out about their status because of the terrible stigma.

Here in the U.S. if my child is sick I take them to the Dr or the hospital. In so many other countries mothers have to watch their children die because they do not have access to simple medications or basic health care. I was reading a blog today of an adoptive family in another country to pick up their daughter. She's in the hospital in that country. Something she said struck a chord in me.

The facilities just aren't the same there as here. N was very sick when he was brought into his care center and E got sick while there. It's a miracle they both lived. All those medical things we take for granted aren't even a possibility in so many places.

So, today. I am thankful for medicine. Thankful for the meds that keep our E alive. Those that healed N.

My heart hurts for those that don't have them when they need them.


Jodi Queenan Artist copyright 2011 said...

What a beautiful blog and your kids are adorable!!!!

Unknown said...

AMEN! Praise God we in America have access to life saving medicine! HUGS!

Leslie said...

So very true. I am so grateful for the life-saving, life enriching medicines that we have access to and thankful that more and more people are getting access to these treatments too.

Andrea Hill said...

I know Andrea, that is so true. I was going into the doctor's office this weekend because I was sick as a dog, got some anitbiotics and the next day I already felt so much better. I was thinking the exact same thing as I got better so quickly how blessed we her in the US to have everything at our feet.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

SOOO true!! I was excited to see that our agency AGCI is now opening up to hiv children being adopted!!! ALL children need mommies and daddies and we are sooo Blessed to have medicines to help!!!

Andrea Hill said...

Hi Andrea, for some reason I gave you a Kreativ Blogger Award yesterday but it didn't show up on your blog. Sorry so I am posting it again today