Monday, November 2, 2009

Adoption is a miracle...

Just this weekend I was reminded just how amazing adoption is, and how very grateful I am that God allowed us to be part of His plan.

His miracle.

Last year on Halloween we were at church. E had been home just at 2 months. He had no idea what was happening. He was Elmo, but only because he liked the costume, not because he knew who Elmo was.

He had had surgery a week or so before and was just generally out of sorts. He wanted nothing to do with the pony rides, literally screamed and clung to me when we went anywhere near them. Couldn't climb the air slides, and didn't like candy.

This year I was struck with the child he has become. He is confident. He's strong. He excited and animated. He LOVED the pony's. He climbed the air slide all by himself several times and slid down all by himself.

I had spoken to a teacher of his that day at his preschool and she said how much everyone loves him. In Ethiopia he wasn't the favorite child. He wasn't ignored, but he didn't get special treatment. He so sick and a mess physically when he came home, he had been the butt of jokes and teasing from the other children. He was so weak and unstable.

LOOK what God can do! LOOK what we can do if we step out.... look at the life that has been changed! His AND ours!

The latest number of children considered orphans is an astounding 147 million. Can you wrap your head around that?! 147 million. 147 million. Say it out loud....

It's an amazing number isn't it?

My 2 little boys are faces that can be attached to that number no more. They are home and loved and cherished. They know what it's like to be the special one, they know what it's like to know full belly's and a big boy bed.

This is National Adoption Awareness Month.

Do something. Do SOMEthing.

Find an adoption fund and donate so that other's can fulfill the call to adopt.

Pray about adopting yourself. Yes you can do it! Yes you CAN!

I would adopt again in a heartbeat if we had the funds to do so. I know there are other's out there that would do the same. If God's not calling you to adopt... help someone who is.

Together we can make a change. Together we can give homes to baby's that need one.

Together we can make a change in one child at a time.

Be part of the miracle of adoption.


Unknown said...

Love hearing E's success stories. I still remembering being so thankful last year to find out he had a family. And what a family. :) Love to see that he's thriving.

It's not always easy, but God does help us find our children doesn't He?

Adeye said...

Oh my gosh, YES---such a HUGE miracle. How I long to see more families experience the miracle for themselves.

Sharing your passion, my friend.

Our journey following Christ said...


E has really changed in the past year, huh? What an understatement that is!

It is a great thing to remember how far God has brought our kids from the first day we met them till now. We so often take this for granted. Thanks for reminding me of this today!



Holli said...

Adoption is a Miracle!
CAN'T WAIT FOR 2 more little one to no longer be orphans!!!
God is so Good!