Friday, November 27, 2009


What a day! ;o)

So much to be thankful for!

We started the day with D and I meeting some friends to run in the local Turkey Trot 10k. It was a glorious morning, cool, sunny but just enough clouds that I got to see my favorite "Jesus Lights" streaming through.

D was running his first race. He was pretty excited. He's naturally athletic, pretty much can do anything athletically. SO the opposite of me! I ended up running by myself this time because he was so much faster. But it was really ok. We ran through our neighborhood so it was fun to run with a bunch of other people along the same paths I usually do. I just took in the beauty of the day and time with God. Also got to bask in the knowledge that I was going to be able to eat Thanksgiving dinner guilt free! ;o) D finished way before me, so he came back to 'get me' and run over the finish line with me. That was off! ;o)

I did beat my time from the last 10 k by 5 mins. YAY! D has decided that we are going to train for the Shamrock Half Marathon in March. Oiy!

The kids were with my mom in law and they got to cheer us along on the course.

We then went home and watched the end of the Macy's Day Parade. I was sad to have missed most of it, but we did get to see Santa.

S went to work on her contribution to dinner. She made an apple crisp, from scratch. It was fun to watch her in the kitchen, she's becoming quite the little baker. E helped her with the apples, he would hand them to her to peel then put them in the bowl when she was done. N helped with the crisp part.

Then daddy made his famous sweet potato casserole and I made the mashed potatoes. The boys both helped with that as well.

Off to mom's we went at about 4. Of course we ate too much food but it was grand to be with family, I have missed my mom.

I think the highlight of the night for me though was watching E and my niece M race around together. They were having so much fun. This is the niece that in the beginning wasn't going to be able to be around E ...ever...and there they were chasing each other around and being encouraged to play together by her parents. Praise God for healing and misconceptions being cleared!

It was a better than good day!

Friday found D and I both at work... yuck! BUT! I was my last day in the old job. Monday I start the new one!!

oh...and a little funny happened. The boys and I were waiting in the van while daddy went in to get our race stuff on Wednesday night when out of the blue E says "Mommy, I want a baby sister" Then N says "I don't want a baby, I want one that's 4 or 5"

Of course daddy wasn't around to hear it! Still praying that God will tell D clearly when it's time... and that he's listening! ;o)

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SupermomE13 said...

ok, sweet potatoes are my favorite food. If Don has a famous sweet potato casserole, he needs to make it for me when you guys come!! :)
love you!