Sunday, November 15, 2009

I have recovered...

You after whining in the last post, I felt so badly because honestly we truly had an ugly Nor'Easter here and so many people lost cars, houses, property and are still cleaning up ... and I am whining about bad hair. Please join me in praying for those that lost so much in this storm.

I DO thank you all for your support though. As a woman hair is such a crazy thing isn't it? Tiffany kind of touched on the issue, bad hair effects the mood. When I have a good hair day I carry myself differently... I am no fasionista by any stretch, but do want to look nice...and me in a yellow mullet isn't good It's really not all that bad though. I am partially sad that really the only way to fix it is to have short hair, and while I have nothing against short hair, I like my longer hair.... oh well it grows and this too shall pass ;o)

So... the rest of the weekend was actually really great. Saturday I got to spend time with the Mission Committee of the church discussing the Mission Statement and ideas for moving forward. They are a great group of people, I look forward to working with them. I had to leave early because of a prior commitment though and I found out this morning that I will be in a video they are going to guess I will have to reschedule other commitments next time so I am not volunteered for stuff though huh?

I had to leave because I was slated to help KLove Radio with their local packing party with Operation Christmas Child. What a cool cool thing to be a part of! Z got to deliver several of these boxes when he was in Botswana a couple of years ago. So to see the end result...then to watch how it's done was neat.

One fantastic thing that happened while there though was that I got to meet Me. He works for Operation Christmas Child/Samaritan's Purse. He used to be a street child in Ethiopia. He was amazing, and to hear his story and to see where he is now... man... God is SO good. He's a great guy, and we spent a ton of time talking. He lives in Maryland though, so not local. We have a standing invitation to come up and be taken to one of the many great restaurants in DC though. We spoke alot about our visions in Ethiopia, he's going over in March and we are in April. I wish we were going at the same time, it would be amazing to be able to meet with him there and work with he and the kids.

Sunday was Children's Worship at church. It was almost all run by the kids. N was in the children's choir and did so great. He's got so much music on his heart. So many people told us what a joy it was to watch him sing and do the motions. By the 3rd service he was done though, were all the other kids. They had to sit in the choir loft through all 3 services. He was so great!
The afternoon was sunny and blue skies so we went to the park to play. What a glorious day after the past 5 days of storms!!! Thank you God!

No news on the job yet, but since we were out due to storms and power, I hope to hear something this week.

It's turned out to be a better than good day!


Andrea H. said...

That is often how I come out of my pity party is when I look at people who have it worse or what's happening around me. The people of your city have been through a lot again.
Wow you get to meet the neatest people. Hope you get to go one day to DC and visit there.
I wished you had little N on tape. Glad your feeling so good today.

Amanda Cox said...

THanks for introducing yourself! I'm enjoying getting caught up on your blog. :)

Adeye said...

Oh don't even worry about it my friend. We all have THOSE DAYS! We're women--we have hormones, and we have hair!!! Any one of those on any given day can cause havoc :)

Gosh, the storm looks awful there. So much loss. Breaks my heart.