Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some catching up...

Sorry it's been a couple of days I have been working on coming back to

We really did have such a magical experience in Disney that I am now have trouble remembering that we were actually there. ;o) I have been reading Erin's account of our trip, she's a great writer. I just keep going back to read her memories, it's good stuff! ;o)

We came home on Wednesday April 1. It seemed like an April Fools joke that were actually having to leave our dream place and new found 'chosen family'. E just kept crying, "No home, No home!" We were feeling the same, wondering how much trouble we would be in if we "missed" our We didn't of course, but it was sure hard to leave! In one of Erin's posts she says that she was afraid that after 3 days we would all be tired of her crew. I would say that was about the opposite of what we were feeling. I will admit to being worried that maybe S or D may be, cause they hadn't had the benefit of getting to love them all, over the last several months like I had. But even D was in tears as we were hugging them good Of course those of you who know D, know that he's not a man afraid to show emotion ;o)

N and E just loved being with them all. At one point we had all loaded into the vans to leave a park and N says "Momma, we need to have alot of kids like them!" LOL I don't think we will ever have that many, but I can tell you that D has decided our next adoption (a couple of years from now) will be another girl, he loved playing with all the little girls, little Belane stole his heart. ;o) I joked with D and said if we are going to adopt a girl, we will need to to adopt 2 of them because the boys will fight over who loves her more and gets to play with her. They are both suckers for little girls, E will share a toy with a pretty girl in a heart beat, and N is the defender of all things female. ;o) He is missing his

We had a great weekend home after being gone and D even got to be off for several nights afterwards because of the way the night shift schedule worked out. He's back to working and is really not a night shift guy. He's a sun worshiper, that man lives to be in the sun, so sleeping during the day makes for an unhappy bear. ;o)

The kids start Spring break tomorrow. S is especially excited because she will be off school for the next week or so...YAY. The boys don't really grasp the concept But this morning I was talking to N about it and he was pretty pleased with the idea that he wasn't going back to school for a while. We have a timeshare condo at a beach about 1 1/2 away that we go to every year about this time. Because of the time we took for the Disney trip, D and I will not be able to enjoy it, but I think my mom is going to take the boys for a few days to enjoy. They have an indoor pool and game room. It's close to the beach and there's mini-golf and lots of fun stuff to do. I think they will have a blast. I am not sure what I will do with out them there though. S may go down as well, although she may opt to hang out here with her friends.

I think that's about it. Nothing new, just adjusting to real life again. It actually took E several days to realize he was no longer king of the He pretty much got what he wanted when he wanted it in Florida, so it took him a while to get the fact that at home it doesn't always work that way. He's one funny little dude. I so just want to follow the boys around with a video camera and show you how amazing it is to live in a house with these kids. It's good stuff!

I pray you all have a blessed and happy Resurrection Sunday ...weekend!

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LisaShaw said...

Enjoy Spring break and precious time with your family and may this weekend be filled with extra special blessings for you all.

Love you and Blessed Resurrection Sunday!