Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pirate and Princess night at GKTW

One of the wonderful things about GKTW is that they have a really fun activity every night.  The first night we were there was Christmas, the boys both got to meet Santa and princesses and eat snow cones.  Our second night was Pirate and Princess night.  There was music and face painting and dancing.  One of the really cool things to see was the guys dressed as Prince's dancing with all the little princesses in their beautiful princess gear.  SO sweet!  There were some beautiful smiles that night!  
This is E bustin a move.
And E as a pirate... he's got the look down doesn't he?!

Sami even got to be a princess for a bit.
This is supposed to be Mickey  The kids doing the face painting had obviously never done it before, but they were some pretty terrific volunteers and the kids had a blast!  SO who it was great either way! ;o)
More carousel riding.  This was just a cool picture. ;o)


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