Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sea World

We got to feed and pet the dolphins at Sea World.  How VERY cool is that?!  D took video of us feeding them, and not so many pics.  So here's all the proof that we  The Dolphins were very smooth and soft, and friendly.  It was such a cool experience!This is N playing some steel drum.  Such a ham!
We also got to feed the seals although we weren't able to touch them.  The guys D is feeding here was very vocal.  He wanted you to know he was there, and you had better feed him.

The boys had fun feeding them...or trying to feed them.  There was a bit of a space between the wall and the seals and their arms weren't quite getting the fish out far enough.  So the crane below them was getting a


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LisaShaw said...

I didn't know you'd be at Sea World that's about 10 minutes from me. I would have come and met you guys. Bummer....I'm so sorry I didn't know.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I love sea world.