Thursday, April 2, 2009

Animal Kingdom

Sami and I in front of a beautiful tree.  
These tigers were amazing!  D got some really great shots of them playing and just being stunning animals.  The boys were very impressed!
Ok so how cute are they?!
This guy was sitting there watching us, watching him.  He was pretty fearsome.  He just kept cutting his eyes at us.  E tried waving and smiling at him, but this guy wasn't Probably a good thing!
This is what happens when you don't use your listening ears...LOL
These guys were mezmerised by the fish.  
Just cause this was such a great shot.  How cute is he?!
This is an upside down tree... well it's not really upside down, but the name of it mean's "upside down"  Cool huh?!
The first of MANY pizza lunches.  E is going to turn into a Pizza~

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