Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just stuff...

Thought I would share some "stuff" that we are up to.

Z is going to college and lining up summer stuff. Other than that...can't really tell you. He's not around much. Oh to be 19 again. ;o)

S is still REALLY looking forward to the end of the school year. She is seeing light at the end of the She has nothing planned for the summer specifically other than sleeping past 430 a.m. every day. Can't say that I blame her! She is currently in a Legal Studies specialized program at one of our high schools, she thought she wanted to be a lawyer, now not so much. I guess it's good to figure these things out when school is free and you are young. She isn't sure now what she wants to do other than go back to her 'regular' high school. We are not really sure we want that, because it's not the best one in the city. We live in a nice neighborhood, just the wrong side of the zone We are still praying about what God would have us do about the situation.

N is having fun enjoying the warm weather. He has more opportunities to get out and exert that endless energy. He is quite the song writer and music man. I think he may be on American Idol some day... in a good way not one of those crazy send off people. The other day he was making up a song that went something like this: "I love Jesus. Jesus Loves me. No matter what. He loves every body. Deep and Wide. hhhmmm and hhhmmmm. This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine. Jesus loves me." I so love that he sings songs to and about Jesus. Now, granted we listen almost exclusively to praise and contemporary Christiam music.... but how cool is it that he loves to sing to Jesus?! Ok, maybe Simon Cowell won't like him. ;o(

E is on the mend. His nose seems to have quit running constantly and his cough is about gone. Thank goodness. Poor little guy was really not feeling well. The antibiotics seem to working the way they are supposed to, gotta love it. He was learning how to write the letter 'E' yesterday. He really is a smart cookie. We were all in stitches at dinner last night. He was trying to tell a story, and in his broken English he sounded a bit like this: "Dinosaur. Wake up. Chicken. Pop. Eye. Dinosaur say huh? gggrrrr". Now insert facial expressions and you have one pretty funny story, even if we weren't really sure where the popping chicken came from. He's also quite the cook. He loves to sit up on the counter and help cook whatever is for dinner. Last night he helped me stir and pour, and even broke the eggs open without getting shell into the bowl. He's got talent! Perhaps we have a future chef on his hands...his grandparents and great parents will be very happy!

D is still working nights. YUCK! He is headed on a Men's Emmaus weekend tomorrow. I am going to miss him. But I think a weekend with God and a bunch of men that love God can't be anything but good stuff! We will see him again on Sunday. Pray for the guys that will be there, it's a weekend of renewal and reminders of what a relationship with Christ is like. God is Good!

I am still learning, and focusing, and listening to God about His direction for me. I did take several steps towards our trip to ET next year. We are meeting tentatively on May 7th, at 7pm at the church to discuss the options. We are looking at sometime in the spring to early summer(not rainy season). Going to be gone about 10 days, 2 days for travel and 8 days for ministry. There are so very many opportunities that I am not sure what exactly we are doing yet. I do know it will involve as many children as I can smooch on, and HIV education where at all possible. Pray for clarity and vision, and for people who have a heart for the things God wants. THIS is the kind of thing I want to do...I so want God to lead us in the right directions though. Will you pray for these kids in the mean time?!

So that's about it. ;o)
Blessings to you on this Earth Day.

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LisaShaw said...

I pray your husband has a wonderful time! Glad to hear your son is on the mend and I pray God's covering over your child heading to college. I pray for God's covering over you in the trip you have planned dear one. I pray for His wisdom and guidance for you as well in Jesus Name and that He will provide the people that He so desires.

Know that He is leading you...

Thanks for posting my button.

Love you and your precious family. You are a beautiful woman of God and I love your down to earth nature. It's refreshing!