Friday, April 10, 2009

Feeling blessed

There are days when I feel like pinching myself because I just feel so blessed. Today I have been just thinking about life and had one of those pinch me moments. ;o) Here's a few reasons why.

~We had such a grand time in Disney with friends that filled my heart. God is Good!

~On Saturday I was involved with our Emmaus teaming/training process and God just showed up! I had to preview a talk that I will be giving in a few weeks, and God just stood right there with me as I spoke. He then showed up as we all went out on the ocean front and brought the men from the Men's Emmaus teaming/training group to sing to us right there on the sand. oh man I wish you could have been there. At one point the women were all standing in a circle singing, and then one of them got all giddy and pointing (I had my back to the boardwalk) I turned around to see then men approaching singing loudly and smiling. I just wanted to tell all the women to shush so I could hear the men... something about a group of men singing to God just does something to my heart. Especially when one of them is my man!

~Sunday I was asked to help our senior pastor with our 11am traditional service at church. I haven't actually ever attended that service so I was pretty nervous about it. God again showed up and I read all the lines without choking, and didn't trip down the steps while serving communion. ;o) Always good times. ;o)

~Spending time with my family was a joy.

~ N really seems to finally be settling. FINALLY ;o) We have been really working on trying to spend time with him, quality time. We are also working on reducing the arguments. We just refuse to have

~ I have amazing friends. Truly God has blessed me in that area! I am usually in awe at how He placed some pretty doggon amazing people in my life!

~And most of all I have a Savior who loves me. ME! With all my flaws and faults and issues, He loves me anyway. No matter what! Now THAT is cause for praise!

Thank you God!


Unknown said...

I am so glad that everything has gone so well! God is good!

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