Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our last park day....

Universal Studios!  ... this was a crazy day, rained some, stormed some... but we all kept our spirits high and had a blast.
D was serenaded by 17 of of us over ice cream breakfast.  I cannot even describe the smile he had on his face.  I think it's the best birthday morning he's had ...maybe ever.  Ice cream and people you love singing at the top of their lungs. ;o)  What a way to start your 40th year. ;o)

I am not sure these guys know who Woody Woodpecker even is, but they sure thought he was cool!  Did you know Woody had a wife?  Check her out in the back
Here's our crew.  Curious George was a huge hit.  All the kids and adults loved seeing him. ;o)
My little super hero!
oh man did these boys LOVE Spidey!  They were so in awe of him.  He was talking to them and telling them stay in school of course and they were just kind of looking at him and smiling these huge grins!  And trying their moves. ;o)

As promised here are some rain pictures.  At this point we were all hot, and the kids were so wanting to go on a water ride.  It started pouring so we got under an over hang.  One of the kids asked to go play in the rain and since there was no lightening, we decided "why not?"  Look at how much fun they had!

We were able to get a ride on the Hulk Roller coaster.  Oh man was that a BLAST!  
Then on to the NASCAR Cafe Diner ( I thought it was the cafe, but apparently they aren't one in the same.) It was really good food and our waitress was really nice.  And check out the car in front of the restaurant.  Yup, it's Dale Jrs.  ;o)  D's FAVE!

This was one huge YUMMY cake.  D got to get serenaded again, not only by us but the whole place seemed to be singing with us.  They even had his name outside on the marquee.  ;o)

oops sorry  Look D got his wish too... he's a driver for a day. ;o)  
This was a crazy day.  But one that I think will be a huge highlight in D's birthday memories!  
We all trekked back to our vehicles, full, and happy and TIRED...


KelseyChristine said...

It's been so fun to see the pics and read all about your amazing trip! =

Andrea H. said...

I can't even begin to imagine the blast you all had. Great pics.

Crystal said...

I love it! We have talked with our kids about HIV+ adoption and after seeing these pictures my 8 year old has decided we should definitely do it. I don't think her motives are the purest.

LisaShaw said...


I love that photo with Spider Man!

Nicole Anderson said...

These are great photos!! The joy is just pouring out from all of the kids (and adults)!
I am so glad you had a good time.

Leslie said...

What a fun time!!