Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hey look someone loves me, they really love me. ;o) JK
Actually a pretty cool woman I have "met" through blogging (obviously) shared this with me. I find it fascinating that reading about someones life makes you feel close to them. I have learned so much about my faith, and her strength through reading her blog and emails. I am inspired by her trust and her honesty. Thank you Tiffany! ;o)
Here are the rules of "Your Blog is Fabulous." I have to list/describe five addictions and then pass the award on to five others. lol, along with other's I am not sure how addictions apply to being fabulous, but I guess rules are rules?

1. Email: I am addicted to checking email. I can no longer deny I work at a computer all day and we aren't generally busy so I have opportunity to check it all day long. It has become habit and I have found that I hate to miss emails. So sad. I am working on focusing on other things for Lent

2. Blogs: I love to read blogs. I have a handful that I check almost daily because I love to see what is happening in their lives. And another 10 or 12 that I check on at least weekly. Then when things are happening in my life I think about how I might write them on my blog. I am a bit

3. Popcorn: I LOVE popcorn. I pop it myself. I have popcorn almost every night. I pop it on the stove in olive oil and add just a bit of salt.

4. Books: When I am not reading emails and blogs I am reading books. Maybe I could just condense those 3 things to one. I just enjoy reading a good book. I usually have at least 3 or 4 going at one time.

5. Coffee: Yes I am a coffee addict. I usually only have coffee or water to drink each day. I don't do soft drinks or juices usually so I think Coffee is the lesser of the

Ok now I have to name 5 people that haven't gotten the award? Do I know 5 people that haven't gotten it? I may love blogs but I don't read THAT many of Here are my pics in no particular order cause I love you all!

1. Cindy. I love Cindy. I 'met' her on the CHSFS forum gosh 2 yrs ago probably. We started talking via email afterwards and found we have very bizarrely parallel lives. Not everything, but some really weird stuff. God seemed to be working in our lives at the same time in the same way and we found really awesome common ground and support in each other. When she says she's going to pray she does. Cindy's insight always amazes me. God is using this woman in amazing ways. Someday we will meet in real life and it will be like coming home.

2. Amanda. Amanda inspires me. Another fellow forum friend from CHSFS. Something about having boys the same age brings moms together. It's fun to watch them grow, fun to see them play. Amanda and I have the same broken hearts for the children and people in Ethiopia... and in the world. God uses Amanda in amazing ways. I can't wait to see how He works in her life in the future. It's gonna be good stuff!

3. Erin. I love Erin!!!Ok I am sure she's received this award like 1000 times, so I hesitate to share it yet But I mean really, how can I not? As she said once, Erin is my "person". ;o) I began reading her blog about 2 yrs ago. She inspired and wowed me. I then began exchanging emails and then phone calls, and now there really isn't a way that we don't She has an amazing way of sharing and putting into words the things I want to say. I love to read her blog because I learn so much, and continue to love her heart, faith and strength. Learning from her has changed my life!

4. Aaron. Can you award a guy? We met in Ethiopia on the way to the Embassy. Both D and I were impressed with this young couple back for their second child. I really enjoy reading the things he comes up with on his blog. I also really enjoy his insight, and faith in God. He's real and down to earth and loves God. And he chooses to work with teenagers...LOL That deserves respect.

5. Jen. I have only recently begun reading her blog. But love it. She amazes me in her capacity to love and her strength is an inspiration. Plus her blog is really just cute! Check it out. She's doing some amazing things with life and God is using her BIG!

ok there's 5. If I didn't choose you it's not cause I don't love you. I was trying to award people that I thought hadn't received the award, at least that I could tell. ;o) I love all the blogs I am addicted to...LOL


steffany said...

Love It!

LisaShaw said...

Andrea, I've missed coming over and sharing with you!!!

Congratulations on the award! WE ALL LOVE YOU SIS!!!

I saw below that you are on your way March 26th to April 1st. PRAISE GOD!!!! I know all of you will have a great time and enjoy celebrating hubby's birthday too!

Take some photos to post for us.

Bless you dear friend.