Friday, February 13, 2009

Fill you in Friday

So this has been one of those weeks. ;o)  Started great and puttered to disappointment... but I am working on and praying for faith to win this battle. 

The boys had a good week.  Then the Valentine's Day parties started and they had to share cards and candy, the routine was flipped around and they were fed candy. Now tell me that's not going to throw a kid into a tizzy! ;o)  Ok well it threw mine into one, or 2 I guess. ;o)  It didn't help that their most awesome father bought Valentines Day cards that included candy, that had to be given away.  Daddy IS most awesome, just didn't make a good choice. ;o)  

We were dealt some pretty disappointing news today.  E got to make his wish last Saturday, and we have been planning to go at the end of March, but looks like now that's not going to be possible.  They are pretty back logged.  We are pretty sad.  The communication we have had with the State rep has been less than "wishful".  We look forward to someday soon seeing the joy on E's face, as well as N and S.... what a joy that will be. We will go when it's time, and God will bless it. 

I did get to take S to Build a Bear Thursday so that she could make a bear for her boyfriend. That was actually a fun experience.  I hadn't ever built one.  The people that work there are a trip!  Or at least the guy that helped us was. ;o)  

Tomorrow is Valentines Day.  Nothing special planned, just feeling blessed that I have my hubby in my life to share with.  

Sunday is the Daytona 500 baby!!!  WOOHOO  Boogity Boogity Boogity let's go racing!...

Have a blessed weekend!

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LisaShaw said...

I'm sorry things haven't worked out yet for you to get to Disney (I read the previous two posts). I'm not far from disney. When you plan to come let me know and maybe we can meet while you and your family are out here.

I pray open doors/opportunity for you and your family to get there very soon.

I hope you had a peaceful Valentine weekend and filled with lots of love.

In 2003 my two daughters and I made build a bears with our Ministry ladies and their kids/grandkids. What a blast we had. My now mid teen daughter and I still have ours and they still play our voices. I had recorded Psalm 27:13-14 and she recorded a message of faith in Jesus.

Good time had with all.

Looks like you and your daugther had a good time too.