Sunday, February 15, 2009


ok I am not sure I have said this before... but I really like God. ;o)

This week I had one of those days, a day where I felt like I wasn't doing such a great job at parenting.  I was impatient and grouchy and then was impatient and grouchy with myself because I was impatient and grouchy...LOL  Ever get in one of those moods?  The kind where you seem to be in a snowball rolling down hill.  I started the day thinking about God, praying for His Grace and then bam... I am fussing over dumb stuff, can't get the boys to brush their teeth, they are whining about their clothes and refusing to put shoes on.  Makes all those good intentions fly away.

Then Friday we found out we will be postponed going to Disney.  E has been talking non-stop about his trip and asking about his 'wish' and I am running out of creative ways to say 'not yet' and 'soon'.  I know once he gets there it will be the trip of a lifetime, I think I am just anxious to see the look on his face and being able to experience his joy with him. And to be honest we were supposed to possibly meet one of my very favorite families in the world there, and now it looks like that's not going to happen.  E was in the orphanage with one of their children and it would have been so grand to see them together again!  Guess God has other plans.

So this morning I was really looking forward to church, I needed some time in Gods house. And God didn't disappoint me. ;o) Worship was amazing and the sermon was good stuff.  Pastor talked about risk taking, and how God calls us to step out in Faith with him.  I will admit to being worried about thinking about a mission trip and getting people to help with financing it when our country is in such a turmoil. But if God wants us to do something we are to step out. And let Him worry about that aspect. Sunday school kind of solidified that concept for me.  I will follow Him, and look forward to seeing where He takes it.  

I just like God, I like the way He does things, I like the way the bible is relevant even today, I like the way He puts people in our lives to touch us in ways that we never knew, I like how He gives us a word when we need it, and how He gives us free will, even when His will is SO much better! ;o)

I can't wait to see how he works in on my heart to help me grow as a mother, how he teaches me yet ANOTHER lesson in patience, and what he does with this growing idea to go to Africa.

I just really like God.


Unknown said...

Hey there! I know just what you mean. I've been struggling with issues dealing with people at church. I've never fit in situations like that no matter how hard I tried. But the sermon series the preacher started is about David. Today was just a premise and stating that NO ONE is perfect and I really needed to hear that.

Cindy said...

Amen my friend. Amen.
love you so very much.

Anonymous said...

You word it so much better than I could, but been there done that(Snowball down the hill). Thanks for you realness. I'm also excited to hear you have another purpose growing in your heart and inspiring you for tommorrow. Have a great week. Hugs Michelle

Tiffany said...

Me too.