Friday, February 6, 2009

Fill you in Friday...

I have been kind of slack lately

I enjoyed being able to share some great pics of the boys though.

They have had a great week all the way around. It's really good to be able to just go through a week with normal kid issues. ;o)

N is taking to this school, and while he's still got some pretty severe ants in his pants most of the time, he's redirecting wellm and listening. He's loving learning, he is really very smart, he wants to touch everthing and loves to see how things work. He likes to be in charge and loves to share his day. And he is a genius when it comes to puzzles.

E is also really enjoying being in school. He no longer fights it. ;o) In fact the other day he said to me "Tank you school mommy" ;o) He is also very smart. His fine motor skills continue to astound. He colors more neatly than N, he can cut along lines and can use chop sticks to pick things up and put them in jars. He doesn't like holding pencils though. He will hold a crayon, and a pen, and even big fat pencils, but refuses to hold a regular pencil. Not sure what's up with that? Any ideas?

It's funny to watch them interact after a day at school. I sit between them at the dinner table and it's interesting to talk to them about their day at school and listen to them discuss it with each other. They will each talk about an incident. N translates for E, since E is still working on his language.

People ask me all the time how they get along. And I say "They are brothers". They play well together, they instigate, and then fight over each other's stuff. They laugh together and pick on each other. It's such a joy to usually ;o)

S is feeling much better after her bout with the tummy bug last week. She is in the legal studies academy and today they have a special prosecuting attorney coming to speak to them. He prosecuted the KKK years ago for a bombing in Alabama that killed 3 young AA girls. It should be a very interesting presentation, I would love to be there to hear him speak!

Z has been busy with work and school. Haven't seen him much, but that's the way it goes when you have young people on a Trying to spread those wings. ;o)

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