Monday, February 23, 2009


Sorry I have been MIA.  I started getting sick on Friday and was down pretty much all weekend. I was pretty much a Nyquil commercial. Crazy stuff.  I am not usually a sickly person, but I have been fighting to stay well all fall/winter it seems.  It started in August just before we left with pneumonia, then Thanksgiving I had bronchitis and a sinus infection then a cough that lingered for more than 8 weeks.  Down again with a virus the beginning of January and now this crazy flu stuff.  Thank goodness it seems to just be me. For heavens sake I cannot wait for spring to come so I can air out my house and get all the gross germ-ies out!  

D is working nights now so he's gone all night and sleeps all day.  So the boys and I just hung out in the house all weekend.  I know they were SO glad to get up and go to daycare this morning!  We rented Aristocats from the library and that was a Godsend although I think we watched it like 6 times this weekend.  E LOVES it!  Every time the little orange cat would do something funny E would hop off the couch and try to mimic it.  He just laughed through the whole thing every single time.  SO cute!  I think we may have to buy it.  I do have one question though...  How to 2 dogs in the french country side have southern American accents?  I mean, if dogs could really talk that  

N had a melt down at school on Friday.  I am not sure what happens but I think I am beginning to see how he has some kind of trigger, and if you can catch him early he can usually be re-directed.  But if not he goes into full on melt down mode.  I was on the phone with him at the daycare for almost 20 minutes while I tried to get him calmed.  He was fine the rest of the day. He did it again at home on Saturday, and if I hadn't been sick I would probably have handled it better.  After he was done with the tantrum I was able to talk to him about it.  Usually he is upset that he's missed something and then just goes into melt down wanting to be able to do the thing he missed. I am working with him to realize that maybe if he just took a second to breathe through his anxiety over missing something then he wouldn't make matters worse by screaming and crying.  He misses less if he calms himself.  He seemed to get that concept the rest of the weekend.  I could see him thinking about it.  Of course I know that's a hard concept for a 4 yr old but he's a smart cookie!  He also has more energy than most kids I know so getting him to take a second to breathe is hard all by

We did hear from Make A Wish and while we aren't able to go in March when we had hoped. We are going to travel in May.  We are sad not to be able to go when our friends are, but we know it will be amazing and E will just be blessed beyond imagination.  He and N talk about it all the time.  I think S is pretty excited as well. ;o)  

I am going to go rest some more.  Have to get some strength back to get back to work.



Anonymous said...

Ugh, sick again. I hope for you warmer weather to like you said air out the house and germs. I'm also praying for you and N struggles. Hugs Michelle

Thankfulmom said...

These are such good and honest thoughts. I was just talking with somebody about the "Attachment Dance" and how it takes children different amounts of time to settle in. It sounds like N is doing great and you are a great mom.