Saturday, February 7, 2009


Today was the day!

E got to make his wish with Make A Wish!  He was so excited ALL day.
I have the cutest picture I will have to share with you when I can get it uploaded of him standing at the door looking out waiting for them to come.
He got his Buzz Lightyear doll and his Stuffed Rocket out and held on to them while he paced around waiting.

Then... they came!!!

He was SO excited.

I was a little disappointed because they didn't really ask him what he wanted, they asked
And then hey told us we had to come up with a back up wish.  um... there is no back  This kid wants Disney.  He was standing next to me and I asked him a couple of times what he wanted if he couldn't do Disney and he said "Disney!" 

So pray that he can do Disney.  Both boys were talking about it all day long.

The volunteers were great though, and so excited for him. ;o)

Now we just wait and see which dates they can get us in for and we are off!

oh I can't tell you how excited I am to see the boys faces when we get there.  I was almost in tears all morning thinking about it.  

Thank you Make A Wish!!!

On a side note, D and I have decided once we get back we are going to contact them about volunteering for them.  What an awesome gift to be able to give!


Marissa said...

That's so neat! We're getting ready to do Make-a-Wish as well so I'm excited to hear about your experience.

Unknown said...

I am so happy for the boys! Give them a big hug from the cousin they've never met. I hope to get a chance to come out that way to see you guys in the future. I want to take lil Grayson to the beach I grew upon -Sandbridge- even though he might be too young to remember.