Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the rest of the story...

So we had our referral for little N.  And then the wait to travel.  I often ask God why He thinks I need more patience training, or what I began to call 'Wait Training'.  
We were able to travel to get him in December of 2006.  What a month!  What a trip!

There is something about Ethiopia that gets under your skin.  Something about the beauty of the children, the pride and grace of it's people, the pain and joy that mingle in a way that can truly only be witnessed in person.

I will be honest in the fact that I could not wait to leave there, and get home.  I was tired, and over sensitive, and had a 2 yr old that wanted nothing to do with me, and honestly...I wanted a hamburger and an apple.  But ever since I have arrived back here in America I have longed to go back.

To learn more, to live more, to give more, to share more, to grow more.  

Ethiopia, the place that had not been on my radar until I was in High School and buying the Band Aid Cd... and crying at all the sad images.  

Here I am a mother to an amazing child from this same country.  Who knew?  Was God setting into motion this plan... all those 20 yrs ago (oops just shared my age).  Did He know we would be in this place?  Did He know we would be parents to not one but soon to be 2 phenomenal children from this land that began time?  This home to Lucy, the country of poverty and beauty, pride and war... I sure can't wait to get to heaven to hear how God had this all planned.  And I SURE can't wait to see how He continues to unfold His plan.


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