Monday, April 21, 2008


So the person who said parenting ain't easy, wasn't lying.   hhmmm speaking of lying, N has learned this nasty little habit.  Where do we learn how to lie?  
Lately N, has decided that other things "make him do things".  The other night he pee peed in bed and very matter of factly told me that mice "sneaked" into his bed and peed on him.  Who knew mice were so conniving?  sneaky little boogers.
Or his "friends" do things or tell him things.  Not like he's hearing voices or anything like that, but more like "my friends told me to do it".  
So how do you get a 3 yr old to understand what lying is, and why it's bad?  I have some awesome friends that have shared some great thoughts.  The most helpful is knowing that he's a pretty normal kid.  Well, I happen to think he's pretty spectacular... but with normal behaviors.  
He's my little man that loves his momma, who tells me a 1000 times a day "I love you".  Who even after a long day, and momma fussing at him for lying, climbs up into my lap and says "mommy you are my best friend".
I have been so completely blessed by my kids... my 18 yr old who is learning to become an adult, my 14 yr old trying to find her space in the world, and my 3 yr old learning what being loved forever means... there are times I almost can't contain my praise to God for blessing me.
Is it a wonder I want more?  

Little E...mommy's comin. 

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